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The Intoxicated Monk


At a time when temples and palaces were constantly being built and knowledge of existence and a bigger understanding started to overcome the earth.

There was a monk… he had been born in the temple and was raised in the path of knowledge and obedience to the gods. Everyone who saw him felt the strong presence of holiness that he radiated unknowingly and saw him as one of the purest people to ever exist. He was a thing of pride for the monks who had raised him…

He, having no knowledge of the world slowly came to realize what he was to them after many many years… and came to hate it…

He was being used by the temple to gain more popularity and worshippers for his god without his consent. He believed this to be unforgivable, so he thought and thought and thought of a way to have his revenge on the deceitful monks.

But he could not come up with a plan… all he knew was the knowledge they had given him… he didn’t know how to do anything but pray… this realization sent him into maddening depression.

Although he had lost morale and barely smiled, the people of the town and worshippers still saw him as a holy figure but a passing merchant saw it as an opportunity…

The merchant was a wine seller and told the young monk of the beauties of alcohol. The young monk, searching for any source of relief gladly bought some bottles from the merchant at a reasonable price and took them to his room.

Later that night, he had his first drink and his thoughts became blurry… for the first time in forever, the young monk’s laughter could be heard all over the temple… the monks were worried and rushed to his room only to see him lying on the floor, still laughing…

They saw the empty bottle on the floor as well and realized what he had done. The next morning after he had sobered up, the monk’s of the temple tried to speak to him, trying their hardest to convince him not to do such again but all their wails fell on deaf ears as the young monk gobbled down another bottle of wine…

The monks were persistent at first and warned him of all the dangers that could befall him if he continued but he wouldn’t listen and before long… they stopped speaking to him altogether.

Soon after, the young monk was happy and spent his days drunk and alone in his room and sometimes outside just roaming about. The people of the town soon came to know of his bad habit and stayed clear of him. His life was finally free of all onlooking eyes… but something was off…

He continued to feel a certain presence around him and it was growing stronger and stronger… at first, he decided to ignore it and believed it was a side effect of the wine but he was proven wrong when he on a stroll one day…

He had seen the city in the night and enjoyed the scenery and was heading home when he suddenly lost his sight… he put his hands in front of him but he couldn’t see it… he then felt something strong grab his leg and looked at his feet but there was nothing there.

The invincible force started to drag him and drag him… he yelled and yelled for someone to help him but no one came… after some fruitless struggle, he yelled out some prayers he remembered and felt the grip loosen a little bit and started chanting prayer after prayer…

Before long, the grip on his leg was gone and he stood up and ran to the temple and told the monks what had happened to him. The monks weren’t shocked in the least… and the monk felt suspicious of them but they explained to him that the reason they worshipped their god wasn’t because of the knowledge or power they possess but because of their own weakness and vulnerability to the world outside.

The young monk came to see the wisdom in their cowardice and abandoned alcohol for good.

One day, when he was going for his early duties, he saw one of the younger monks taking a bottle of wine early that morning and was confused as to how he was fine. He decided to ask the older monks as they had more experience and had helped him out before and they told him simply… that no two lives were the same…

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