Cover Art for Iron Tongued Maidens

The Iron Tongued Maidens


The sun rose once again in the land of the fallen

Air’s breath could be heard from the evening’s shore

Beauties lined up and sang once more

Of the various horrors of the morning crew

Sling or slang

Just do what you do

Or you”ll be gone with them too

Their souls sank and their blood drives you

More and more to do it too

This land is home to you

So stay, that’s what we say to you

With their whited-out eyes

And dried up lips

With their marked skins of black and gold

the walls received scars from their voices of truth

and bear the fact that they spoke to you

And with a graceful turn

They leave us to be

Home! we were, for now

Whilst we could not walk

and once more

The air heals us while they seek us too

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