The Knight of Eternity

I was just a young knight when it all happened, the death, the chaos, the agony, the savagery and all the chaos and mischief that came after our peace that seemed so unending and at the end, our king and his Knights were cursed for eternity leaving i the last knight and the people of the flying mountains in complete desolate.

After the destruction of our own Kingdom, in Our Moment of need, we thought we found a saviour, someone who has saved us from utter Extinction, the blacksmith came with all his dreams and all his promises and took us to a world where we thought we were free and now had the ability to dream, only to find ourselves in a race of Eternity.

A world where we are bound to grow and civilized to the ought most capacity of glory and greatness we could achieve, a battle for centuries and generations fighting endlessly for superiority with other beings until we achieve greatness only to go for periodic sleep where the world will grow and change new beings appear, new Nations appear, New lands appear and the conquest for knowledge and power begins again.

I have lived for centuries and fought countless battles in endless wars and endless lifetimes and every time I walk past the tablet of left to us by the blacksmith of the Prophecy, the coming of the one from Beyond who will come and free us from our curse and the will forever be frivolous with the fate of men but will we will not forget who we are, we are those cursed by the gods to eternally choose our fate and destinies.

Our throne may forever be with no ruler, our Kingdom’s Legacy may forever be forgotten, our existence may forever be meaningless but our zeal to fight for who we are will never stop and he who has surpassed his true self may come but he will be tested by our ways for we will never forget where we come from, even though we are in our sleep or within our conquest we will fight and we shall bear fruit all that man can achieve and only one who is truly worthy can possess and rule over such might and greatness, the challenge of who will be king will be of mine the Eternal knight who guards the empty throne.

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