The Lighthouse Keeper

  1. The Lighthouse keepers’ Thoughts; My light shines pass the horizon
    But all I see is darkness
    Nothing changed for centuries
    Not until I heard a golden rage
    From the universe
    It defied the existence of gods
    From the horizon and beyond the horizon
    Came those who embody the dreams of others
    Those who have decided their own fates
    And the fates of others
    Calling themselves new gods

    Championing the cause of madmen and dreamers
    Unknown to them the golden age of gods
    Has just begun to shine
    And the darkness they see
    is just a mirage
    For the light house stands at the gate of the old universe
    Calling forth the gods game .

“New paths have emerged”. Men have sneered Upon the heavens.

“Let the sound of voyage be heard”. Let the conquest begin

“A new age has sail the horizon”.

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