Cover Art for the Lightning Roar Echoes

The Lightning Roar Echoes


Like a blinding light, I shall arise

For the morning star shines the brightest

And the eternal flame burns the farthest

My reign shall be mine alone

For all those who stand before

The axis of time,

It all started with a stroke of lightning

A call from the heavens

Hell hath no fury like the rage of Zeus

I embodied his name and called out his will

A name for me, A name for all of us

Those who bellow against the tides of fortune and misfortune

I looked upon the impostor forgetting his place in the universe

Or is it I who has forgotten my place

Against the raging changing times I watched the greed of men sneer itself

Am I a part of a forgotten age or the new age yet to come

I will rejoice in all my grace for the place of the True King

And with all my falling grace like a lightning

I will strike with all my might and fade with nothing but a blinding light

If gods do fall then all that I am is nothing

But a fake beholding a name long forgotten

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