The Mark of the Raven

Who told them I wanted this throne, I’ve told them there is no need for all of this,

just end me like you ended the rest of my family, then maybe I might find peace.

But don’t let me grow with this unwanted crown atop my head,
I will lose my self and destroy all you hold dear.

Don’t let me hate my past and present
Because even if I die in the future
I will haunt you all for eternity.

Bran Dubwa

The Raven court wanted power so they yearned for it

Even if it damned their souls

Even if they were cursed to hell

Even if it meant the soul of Bran Dubwa

Cursed by The Ascension,

One of the daggers of Seth

Bran sets out a new purpose

At the end of light, At the helm of the eternal realm

Becoming a raven for as long as eternity exist

For their crimes and their sins

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