Cover Art for The Marked Slaves

The Marked Slaves


I call upon the souls of those who have been tainted by the raven

Those who stood with their shoulders high as they gazed upon the fangs of fate

But the pride of men is nothing against the will of fate

And those who yearn for a test shall be tested

In the gaze of the raven, shall their fates be decided

And in the mark of the raven, shall they meet their fates

But those who in their powerlessness reject fate so intensely

That they attain the will to change the fate

Then surely they are cursed to meet an accursed raven

Goodwill nor bad will, none are begotten from him

For he too is a slave who bears the greatest mark

But the demise of those who are marked will come with those who are lost

They who are part of the many, but part of the few

They who are part of the boundless, but part of the dwindled

For they are those who seek the Raven for a destiny

And the moment they gaze upon those who are marked

They become like wet haired Ravens seeking the life force

Of he who hath gaze upon them

And only he who is fated but fate-less

Can return everything to what it was.

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