The Merciless Desert

Some say that the desert is even more merciless than the sea, with it’s tricky quick sand pits that one could fall into at any step. This feeling of uneasiness puts the mind on constant alert then there is the intense heat, draining one of every type of liquid. As if this wasn’t enough, there was also the occasional sandstorm that is a large gust of continuous wind that would raise the sand and block the nostrils and blind the eyes of travellers

In this unforgiving environment, one lonely girl walks in desperate attempt to escape the clutches of her family. They had arranged her marriage to a local lord, she had kicked against it but it was still going to take place. No one believed she would try to run away after all they were surrounded by only desert but she did

The whole village spent days checking every nook and cranny of the town to find her but she was long gone. One young labourer who had feelings for her and had been watching her from a distance knew just how strong willed she was and suspected she had left town long ago

So he took some clothes, wrapped himself up and followed in a random direction in hopes of finding her. The closest town was north so he guessed that that was where she was heading and tried his luck. On his way, he encountered some large beats. He hid in the sand and was able to escape but as he went farther and farther into the desert the more he doubted whether she was even alive

At long last, he arrived in some ruins of an old town along his route and there he heard small screaming. He rushed hoping that his journey would not be in vain and under some rubble there she was, a part of the ruins had fallen on her and she was weakly crying for help with lifeless eyes

He rushed to her side and with great difficulty moved the rubble off her, he then tended to her injuries and gave her his remaining rations so she could eat something

When she was okay he told her how worried her family was and how she needed to come back with him. She asked him who he was and whether her family had hired him to come find her, realizing that this was his only chance with no one around he told her how he had been watching her for the last few years and about how much he loved her and how worried she had made him when she went missing

The girl felt her heart break. He told her that although he loved her, he wouldn’t take her from her family and that sometimes it was pointless to fight against fate

The girl busted into tears, he tried to comfort her but she wouldn’t listen and that’s when she told him that she couldn’t feel her legs, the man felt his heart crumble the damage had been done. This desert couldn’t even spare this little girl

He still tried and encouraged her, he put her on his back and made the journey back home where he was welcomed as a hero but her suitor on seeing her condition called off the wedding. Her family was devastated, who would marry their daughter and care for her now?

The man who was slowly raising in the ranks thanks to his bravery, came back and asked the family humbly for her hand. The family couldn’t even utter a word, the girl felt it wasn’t fair and wanted to reject him. How could such a kind man be tied to a worthless person like her? But he took her hand and told her the same words he had told her in the desert ‘it’s pointless to try and fight fate’ and she accepted with tears in her eyes

They got married and lived happily ever after. Even the merciless desert came with blessings of it’s own.

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