The Orb of Destiny

I have travelled across and in between countless galaxies and different dimensions, and as I moved closer and closer to the horizon where the dark universe lies, I began to hear stories of a well that grants the wishes of any who finds where it resides.

As I continue to seek knowledge where ever It is, as a blacksmith my need to invent pulls me to the right place I need to be at the right time, I went to the said galaxy and the constellation was like many around it struggling with strife destruction and chaos and I found the planet I was looking for, but surprisingly upon my arrival what I saw was not a wishing well but a form of pure fire, from another dimension encroaching within the land of the living.

I was shocked and bewildered with my findings many had thought the dark universe was uninhabited but if life exists then what I was seeing was an effect of dark matter exposure, what had happened here?, I wonder. The entire land was covered in whitish black flames, many say when does my luck end? I say my will is eternal and ingenious.

I could create a tiny membrane of lightening around the fire and seal it off in an orb, and I know that the Ring of kings I was wearing will give me the power to repulse the flames influence or curse, and I know with the old mans’ hammer I could the noblest and most precise light and with it, even this horrendous dark willed flames will not penetrate the seal.

I stood afoot the edges of the kingdom gazing upon the flames as I called forth Mjolnir, and with the ring making me worthy, I stretched my hand to the sky, and with a roaring thunder Mjolnir descended from the heavens and as I gathered all the flames, I hammered and hammered and with each lightening burst I crafted the layering piece by piece and as I finished I gaze upon my glorious work of art, ‘no god could create this’ I thought as a chuckle escape my lips.

Now only those that are truly worthy and can surpass their true self can wield the power of the whitish black flames from the dark universe.

The Orb of Destiny I will call it, with a will of its own it can bestow any wish to anybody and everybody, but only those who have surpassed their true self can find its resting place.

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