Cover art for The Penance of a sorceress

The Penance of A Sorceress


By the power and will bestowed upon me

by those before me

and those who will come after me.
I call upon the six, Guardians and protectors of their realms

Release he who is everywhere,
but nowhere at the same time
For his dream is no longer eternal
But rather, A Reality

As the wheel of fate turns
Man will always be driven by a need
Is he the creator of his destiny.

Or is his destiny his own creator
But the Ripples against the waves

which are seen and unseen are endless
For they’re Forces overshadowing that which shrouds

The Path of those who walk the path meant for them

Is it, it? Is it that time already?
To drop away all the shackles caging my lonesome wailing soul
And finally leave the battle field
My armor is heavy
My weapon is heavy
My soul yearns for freedom
For the wars of men are unending and eternal

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