The Phoenix and Peacock

Relationships of all kinds are formed every passing day but the best type are formed between the most unlikely creatures.

In a planet blessed with strong steeds, where every animal was as big as an elephant, sometimes smaller and other times larger. A group of balance seekers tried to force the hand of fate to move to their whims.

These group came from a sect of the Executioners, those who had chosen to burden themselves with something as large as the balance of the universe.

Unlike most Executioners who relied on power and brute force, some relied more on knowledge and planning like the heroes of this story.

As the Ether, a realm where only immortals could breathe continued to grow. The realms around them suffered different effects and the creatures on them as well. This planet lacked any true intelligent life and the entanglement was spreading and affecting the hearts of all these creatures. They were wreaking havoc and there was no one to stop them or ease their pain.

Across the realms, there were many planets with civilizations on the brink of extinction who were seeking a better home so the Executioners decided to be the bridge between these two and created portals from several places to the planet with restless animals.

At first, the humans were terrified of these large animals but with time they soon started to tame them and ease the pain and chaos in their souls. Though they tried their best, the hearts of a few were still restless.

The Executioners worried day and night as they watched their project fail to yield any real and respectable fruit. Many among them felt it was a fool’s errand and returned to their predecessors’ way of fighting and conquering with brute force, bearing all the shame and glory upon themselves, but some stayed behind and continued to try their best to create a balanced society.

As they tried one method after another, their hopes slowly diminished. Before it was all gone, they decided that perhaps it was better to reach out to the creatures of the Eternal realm and find out how they achieved balance.

So, they ventured out in seek of the Dragons of Ra but failed to reach them and were turned around at the gates of the Phoenix realm. On their way back, in complete defeat, they met a blue phoenix who was travelling the lower realms. It told them that it was looking for a home and Ra had told it in a vision that he would meet a group of men that would guide it to one.

They were confused but decided that it was better to take it back to the planet first and see whether it could help them. On getting there, it decided it loved the planet and wanted to stay. They were glad and told it of the chaos that was still clinching tightly to the animals of the planet.

It told them that it was aware and was here to solve their problem but it had kept it to itself to see if they were truthful and worthy of trust and they had passed its test. They were shocked but glad.

The Phoenix led them to the other great spirit animals on the planet; the Fox, the Whale, and the Owl. It offered them a pact, and its friendship so they could come together and bring peace and balance to its new chosen home.

They all accepted, with great joy, and the peace came upon the planet as humans formed pacts and Riders were born.

Many among the Executioners still saw this project as another failure, as those who rallied upon the Tree of Justice and Truth were on a destined path of their own.

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