Cover art for The Prince of Baktuk

The Prince of Baktuk

I yielded to vengeance
Knowing it will all come to this,
Knowing it will be all be for naught,
Knowing I will have to end it every time,
Knowing the pain I feel is worth it,
Knowing my regret is only necessary,
Knowing I will cut down my brethren, over and over again
Knowing I yielded to vengeance,
In time I know I will meet my oppressor.

Boredom is for all who sought it
I have walked across a thousand timelines
What do I seek in this unknown universe of man
Where all is visible to him

Am I a wander with no purpose
Or Am I a purpose with no quest
Is the spirit of adventure that lies within the hearts of men
Not calling unto their destinies
Or has man overcome his thirst, Tamed by his circumstances.

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