Cover Art for Princess in the Bulb

The Princess in the Bulb


Long ago there was a fairy princess who yearned to see the outside world, winters came and winters passed as the fairy princess watched from her castle window…

One day, the fairy princess left her kingdom and entered the human world. She wandered around the human world endlessly watching and observing the human society.

Then, one day, she met a prince who wanted her for who she was… even though she was a fairy, the prince cared and loved her with the whole of his heart

But their joy and happiness was cut short by a hoard of demons, they came and attacked the prince’s kingdom… the fairy princess begged the prince to allow her use her power but he refused… because she needed to hide who she was.

After much struggle, the demons overpowered them and entered the palace; the prince fell…

The fairy princess couldn’t take it anymore and flew to her prince… she used her powers to save the prince and his kingdom but in return for using them out in the open, she was condemned to forever lay in an endless sleep, unable to go back to her prince but…

if their love was true, the prince would come back to her and free her from her curse even if it wasn’t in this lifetime…

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