The Raven’s Pride

Death is imminent, this is bad news to some but great news to those who bear the dark wings of the fallen

Camela and her friends came from a very distinct tribe of the ravens, they had an uncontrollable urge for more… Every three months, their leader would announce the hunt and they would all take off in all directions seeking weaker souls to trade and raise their rank.

Everyone always looked forward to it, because the more souls one presented, the greater their gift. Camela and her four friends stretched out their wings and headed straight to the deserted plains, it was their little secret.

They knew better than anyone that those who lived in such areas were already pleading for death in the corners of their hearts and Camela and her unit were always ready to exploit these poor souls.

They flew swiftly, passing by the clouds rushing, all the while hoping to hear a scream for help but there was none, they went across every deserted area they could find and there was still no soul to take.

After flying aimlessly for two weeks they decided to change their plan completely. If no one was no longer willing to give up their soul then they would force them to do so.

But they failed again. Since their last hunt, the humans had changed, they were no longer willing to go beyond their world and Camela and her unit were getting more and more frustrated with each passing day so they committed the ultimate taboo… they started a war using their position and it worked.

Their dealings grew, people came to find them instead, it was a beautiful sight.

After enjoying their thriving business, it was finally time to return home and sell the souls they had harvested. When they tried to take off, their wings started to wither away and they came back down, crashing!

Ravens had rules of their own, the weight limit of their wings had been exceeded and now they would shed their old feathers and grow new ones in their place.

They returned home gracefully with thousands of souls to trade and became sparrows waiting for their next hunt.

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