Cover art for the red emperor

The Red Emperor

In one life, he was a warrior and an Emperor.

He conquered the tribes of men and Withins
In another a leader and a revolutionary

Fought for the freedom of his brethren even if it meant death
In his first life he fell against all he stood for,

and betrayed all those who stood with him.
After falling for cupid’s arrows
In the other, he fought for everything he had,

even though he remained broken,
He wanted to escape the mistakes of his first life.
So he swore against all he stood for, then, and went against them
Unknown to him his path has gotten darker compared to the one he had forsaken.
For it was his destiny to become the Red Emperor and its still is
So destiny with its many faces
will always find a way to bring him back on that path

cursed by the arrow of cupid

betraying all that stood with him

all in the name of love and sacrifice

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