The Sacred Dance 2

A week later was when he first heard of her “the Flying duchess” a local town hero that saved a group of Slaves from being sold by some of his corrupt soldiers, nothing like these has ever happened before, yes; they were corrupt but they were still the soldiers of the emperor of Maat and every other kingdom and so the people spoke and made their noise and the flying Duchess that was a nobody was gradually becoming a force in his Empire.

The emperor gave specific hours of his day to the six princesses he selected, one day, the emperor, after meeting all five princesses and it was the noble princess time the emperor waited till it was about 30 minutes into her time but she never came when he asked where she was he was told she was in the archery range training, The Emperor stood up and went to the archery range only to find her there watching and training the children, at the moment he walked in the whole range went silent before she noticed him and that’s when she realized she has lost track of time and had forgotten she was supposed to meet him her face went blue as she watched him walk back out, she rushed to him on the way to the palace cutting him off, walking hand-in-hand talking. the emperor found her interesting because she thought differently she behaved differently she was unlike any other princess he had ever seen, she talked to him without a care in the world, she expressed her thoughts in peculiar things she has an interest in, like sneaking out in the night and been mysterious and mischievous around the castle, which he caught her trying to enter the wine cellar or the kitchen or even climbing down her room window.

A month and a half past and the Emperor grew closer to the princess but a new problem arises, the Flying Duchess was fighting his corrupt officials and disgracing his military men over and over again, from the Nobles to the Soldiers everybody was losing something from the existence of the flying duchess and they felt their emperor was allowing it so some of them began to seek him weak.

the Emperor watched the flying Duchess only for him to realize that there is a possibility that there is a noble in the palace feeding the local hero information, the emperor searched and searched for a month but couldn’t find anything, in his attempt to restrict the flying Duchess movements he implored curfews upon every city or Kingdom she’s found in, the emperor finally tracked her down and fought the flying Duchess only for him to see her eyes and it had a familiar feel to it, and the emperor became distracted in the fight and the Flying Duchess escaped, he rushed to the palace to find the princess sleeping graciously on her bed.

the kingdom was silent and the emperor was angry and the people knew, some of the nobles saw this as a chance to rebel against the king, one morning the emperor woke up to the news of the Nobel princess, she has been kidnapped by a group of individuals called the flying Duchess, the Emperor was enraged by this parlour trick of their’s, he searched for them and chased them down and when he finally caught them he killed all of them and saved the princess, that night he was heartbroken because he was about to lose the noble princess, the person he became in the Rebels hideout was the worst version of himself, he showed No Mercy because he knew he had to save her.

He watched her distance herself from him as it eats him up and as the day of her dance presentation grew closer, two days to the final day, in the night, he visited her in her Chambers she was shocked as he knocked on her door, the emperor entered the room but the awkwardness and fidgeting was irritating him so he left, on his way out he saw a feather on the floor it was exactly like the one the Flying Duchess had when he fought her the other night, the emperor looked at it and left but it stayed in his mind, from that day he watched her with another eye an inquisitive one and finally he realized she was the flying Duchess he fought, he wanted to send his soldiers to capture her but his heart couldn’t take it so he decided to wait for after she had presented The Dance.

On that day the princess watch the emperor with a newfound gaze but the emperor had already given up on the idea of anything happening and when the hour of the presentation finally came and the Drums started beating and she didn’t for a good minute, the emperor was about to stand up and leave when she started moving her movement was Swift and smooth, which suited her slender posture, her dress complimented her dance as it flowed with her and beautified every curve in her body but that was not what fascinated him it was the style of Dancing It Was the Same she used to fight him and now it is in this form and he couldn’t help but be speechless, she was truly beautiful, she was expressing every single emotion and at that moment The Emperor saw her motif and she was magnificent and impressive, an Empress indeed someone worthy enough to stand beside him and he smiled and walked down to the dance floor and held her firmly.

“Are you angry with me,” she said in tears whispering to his ears, ” you are just so beautiful just the way you are”.

the emperor that ruled over everything and the noble princess who came with just a dance fell in love and lived happily ever after and that magnificent sacred dance became the symbol of the Love they consummated and Union and unity of the emperor and The Empress.

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