The Sacred Dance

Once upon a time in a world forgotten there lived an emperor that ruled over everything under the sun after the assassination of the fourth emperor of Maat by their seventy-two neighbouring kingdoms, the young Prince’s systematically took back the throne with the help of his mother and unleashed the true power of Maat upon the seventy-two Kingdoms.

At the age of fifteen, he conquered all the seventy-two kingdoms only for him to realise his thirst had grown stronger he wanted everything so he took everything.

At the age of nineteen, two years into his rulership the young emperor was already feared, for the mettle he channelled to face the world was not reciprocated by his enemies, for a long time Peace reigned all around the world and in that time the young Prince matured into a dashing emperor loved by his people, cherished for his goodness and mercy, feared for his Wrath And ruthlessness to his enemies, envied by all, loved by the ladies, but deep down the emperor new because he had everything, he had nothing, nothing amused, him nothing enticed, nothing was beautiful to him, he was loved by his people he had everything but he was dead inside, he was a sad emperor and they all knew it, but some of them worry for the sanity of their emperor but what can heal a Dying heart of a man if not the love of a woman the Court implored the Emperor that it is for the best of the people for him to have an Empress.

The emperor thought about it but at last in agitation and frustration send out a letter to each leading family of the world to present their daughter’s hand in marriage willingly on a later prescribed date in the capital city of Maat if they feel they can handle the power of being the family of the empress.

After pushing the date for a year on his 25th birthday he finally asked all of them to come and those that accepted came and to his surprise, his people actually feared him and not many accepted but still some dared and he looked at the daughters of his Empire each of them introducing themselves but none of them caught his eye.

After 178 of them presented themselves the next person picked his interest, It was a family he never thought will accept, they were at the edge of the world in the world of The Unseen, a noble clan indeed, so he waited and watched as the princess stride gently into his throne room standing in front of his entire Court, she bowed and in all the princess that presented themselves one raised her head and looked at him her eyes were so deep and the emperor felt their pull, a gasp erupted from the crowd

“How dare she?” The emperor smiled and after she introduced herself the emperor asked

“What was her offering to him” but she interrupted his conversation and said

“Isn’t it a man’s obligation to pay the Bride price of a woman?” he looked at her amused and reply

“But I’m no ordinary man” before going back to his conversation with one of his court men

“Sire she is offering a dance that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years,” the court man said and that picked his interest so he asked for her to perform but she said she could not perform the dance it takes three months to prepare. the emperor chuckled and ask for what was so important about a dance that he had to wait three months to witness and at that moment the court went silent as the emperor realises he is being challenged by a girl in an eye gazing contest and then she altered the words “I will show you something unimaginable, something you haven’t seen before”, and she smiled and at that fleeting moment he felt something but he ignored it.

The emperor sent the remaining back and promised that after the princess has presented her dance in three months, he will select his bride.

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