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The Sakura Witch


In the time of feuds and feudal Lords, a time where men envied the abundance of riches and prosperity, a time where men consume and destroy one another for women and power. there lived a young girl who found herself yearning for vengeance, seeking to inflict the pain inflicted upon her back up on her enemies but in a world where men and power ruled.

A young girl was nothing but an ant, a young girl who has just seen all her family men get butchered and how mothers and sisters get sold into slavery and prostitution had nothing but pent-up rage and hatred towards her enemies, she was physically weak so she couldn’t fight, but she was pretty enough to get close to her enemies, and poison them but if she got caught she will be killed.

At the end she realized she needed the knowledge of the human body and that of poison and that of which kind of poison can never be traced.

one day she met a spirit sitting on a Sakura tree, the spirit told her for having the ability to gaze upon his mightiness he will reward her a gift, The young girl asked the spirit to teach her everything he knows about the human body, medicine and poisons. Luckily for her, the spirit was quite ancient, so he had everything she wanted but in return, the spirit asked her to never use the knowledge he gives her in a wrong way if not there will be huge repercussions.

As years pass in the life of being an escort and secretly learning from a spirit, the young girl became quite knowledgeable in plenty arts, and beautiful and sound both in intellect and allure, she has truly beautiful and was loved by all those who visited her.

Seven years past as the spirit taught her all he knew, the spirit hoped she was one of those who is of fated fate less but he realized she was of those marked by The Raven who are the slaves of fate and their destiny had already been decided.

with all the knowledge she had acquired the young girl began her vendetta upon her enemies, she created poison from the Divine essence of the Sakura and poisoned her enemies, one by one they fell, death by unknown causes at last she reached the home of her greatest enemy the current feudal lord.

the man that disgraced and massacred her family and her loved ones, that night as the young girl performed under the Sakura tree the feudal Lord and his magistrate enjoyed her ambience and connection to the beauty and sacredness of the nature of the Sakura, she was gorgeous indeed but in her strides was her hate and in her movement was her pain, the young girl poisoned them and their families, as she watched them die, and they, enjoyed her dance.

The young girl sat underneath the Sakura tree as the spirit appeared and witnessed the aftermath of her destruction she had tainted the beauty and purity of the Sakura and for that she was Condemned to Eternity in hell as she who punishes those who have tainted the purity of the universe.

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