The Song of The Sparrow


Have you heard of the Sparrows song

I know you haven’t 

Once upon a time 

In a world of men 

In a world of diamons

The red emperor ushered 

In an age of madness 

And the Diamons were furious 

Bur there fury couldn’t even scratch 

That of the Red Emperor 

He subjugated their will 

and their beings

A man stuck, out of his time

Who nearly sought to end their world

Only for them to be saved 

By the sparrow 

And with every chirp it made 

Waves occur to the Red Emperor 

He was defeated in his madness 

And was sealed away 

The Sparrow became 

A symbol for peace

But nobody forgot the destruction 

It brought about for 

The great Red Emperor 

So they always say 

Beware the deamon god’s Soul

Beware the wrath of the Sparrow 

Beware an end to madness 

Beware his coming 

For he is nobody else 

But who he has always been.

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