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The Tale of Maidens

What kind of story is this

A story told once beaten 

Twice shy, at the beginning of a fairy tale 

Love always precedes 

But as time flows And fate take it’s form

Pain from life Begets more of mankind 

Some survive while others die

Some end in betrayal while others end 

in eternal torment, Misery is for fool’s 

who fall in love, But our pain keeps 

Us apart and our pain is that love

Misery is for fool’s who fall in love;

they said

If only fate could be changed 

If my story were to be Told in

different way

Then maybe my soul Would have

been saved 

I’ve heard the story of the Girl

who kept on walking 

So I thought I too was destined

To walk on the same path

A life made for sacrifice,

A life made for others

I thought it was my duty,

I thought it was an honour 

I thought it was the greatest Thing to do,

the greatest thing to achieve

or so I thought

But as I watch my path Unfolds before me 

I remain silent and speechless,

How far had I come

How many corpses have I walked upon 

to get to where I was 

all that was no longer attainable 

because all I have done is coming back for me 

but my story still remains a fold 

and I see a path laid before me

And all I see is blood and corpses

Once again driven on the same path

And then I realised the If this was my path 

Then fate had already

Marked me for my job, my purpose

A cure to man’s evils, A marked slave


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