The Tales of a Seamstress

Change is imminent

Can’t you hear the drums of war

In the age of kings

In the age of men

The will of men have shone brightly upon the horizon,

The dream of the high gods have blossomed into reality

But the hand of Fate will forever be frivolous with the destiny of men

For no man can truly be a god

Because there are those who are made to dream

And there are those who are made to create

But when those meant to create; dream,

And their dreams blossom into reality.

And those who dream; become.

The executioners shall rally upon the tree of Truth, Justice and order and evoke the will of the Universe open those who imbibe upon themselves titles not be gotten from them

Change is begotten

Can’t you hear the fall of gods

The choices of those who decide fate

And the choices of those who decide their own fates

They are those who fight for the power they possess,

And they are those who will fight for their right to exist

For they are those who are of Grace, Nobility and Divinity

And there are those who are of the downtrodden, the disgraced, the humiliated, the outcast-ed, the killed, the devoured, the cursed, the destined, the weak, the powerful, the strong

With their dream of all the balance and sovereignty

And their dream of bravery, courage, heroism, villainy, valour, rebellion and surpass-ion

In a cauldron of jumbled events

A dream once beautiful; now gone,

The will of men will shine brightly upon the horizon and collide with that of those who seek to oppress them

A high god shall ascend

A high god shall be erased

The executioners will rally once again upon the Sword of Truth Justice and order

And fate will once again be frivolous with the destinies of man

Change is existence

At the dawn of men,

At the dawn of kings

There will be those who embody the Dream of those who are made to create

A dream once gone; now fulfilled,

For they are those who have achieved greatness in nobility, Grace and divinity

And fate is that of what has come and what will come.

For the dawn of men is the dawn of a new age

The executioners shall rally again upon might, pride, truth, justice and order and as they assemble so shall the fall

For they are those who shall face those whom

Are men, who are from gods

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