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The Temptress and the Boy

The symphony of man’s despair lies within the depths of their hearts, men will always seek power and there will always be retribution for all their actions and as the symphony of men plays, despair will come, is man the creator of his own destiny, or is destiny the creator of man, as the wheel of fate turns… all that has been fated shall surely come to pass, a lonely tale beneath an oak tree, as iron fills the mouth of the beholder in pain and agony, she questioned what had led her to this path and as the beholder took her last gaze the only thought that filled her mind was, was it right for her to fight for justice that was never hers, to begin with.

Our tale begins in an industrial town, machines have taken the work of men, drunken in poverty a man came back home and beats his daughter every day before he sleeps, how careless of him, to stop herself from following the same fate as her mother she stabbed her father in his sleep and as she sat on her father’s bloodied body she stabbed and stabbed him again to make sure she remembered it was his fault, she raised her head only to see a small boy standing in front of her.

The boy asked her was she supposed to kill him, is it not her fault everything is happening the way it is, the girl argued back in anger slashing, only to be met by air in his place, she shouted and shouted but no one replied which right did he have she thought to herself.

As years pass and days of hardship never cease to end, the girl grew older and with that came her alluring beauty all wanted, drunken by the power she felt superior to all other women, she would lure their men to do her bidden and toss them away uncaring to her what happens to them.

Until one day, a nobleman saw her on the road and fell in love with her but since she was from the lower class his family and company rejecter her in anger then she stole all his wealth and took his industry in one night when he was sleeping, the nobleman was plunged to abject poverty and in his despair, he killed himself after losing even his families to the debtors.

One day upon her arrival, upon one of her newly acclaimed properties she could see a raven on the top of the house, the raven stared at her before it flew away as she got closer to the door, the moment she opened the door she froze, she knew this ice chilling sensation, she looked around and there he was… the same boy she met when she killed her father, he hadn’t aged a day

The boy commended her again for her actions since all that has happened has been her fault and since the nobleman wasn’t important she discarded him like all the rest, the girl this time became furious if they hadn’t looked down on her all that happened wouldn’t have happened and before she could say anything more the boy vanished.

From that day on the girl found herself thinking about the boy, she hated the idea of how confident he was with all he said like he knew what was inside her heart and her soul, at last, she decided to leave everything unknown to the unknown, and as her will and luck will play out the girl found herself perfectly able to manage the wealth she acquired until she became quite known and popular in this industrial kingdom, one day the king invited all the businessmen to a ball in the palace, the young girl dressed glamorously to the ball adorned with pearls, diamonds and all sorts of jewellery, that even the queen herself couldn’t outshine her beauty, the king became enthralled by her beauty and later asked her to be one of his concubines.

Consumed by a new thirst for power she accepted his offer, as a lady in waiting he called her more often than he called on his own queen, unable to handle the love he had for his new concubine the queen left with her children in other to allow the king to be with who he wanted to be with, on her coronation day the boy appeared before her again and at that moment she realised only her knew he was there and this time he came with a warning telling her about how she has broken a family and how her actions might lead her to her death

The young queen unable to reply watched as the boy vanished and when she finally got to her room she saw a letter from the previous queen telling her how she now, has passed on the burden to her and the problem that comes with it and congratulated her on a successful wedding and coronation, the young queen filled with despair became paranoid, was this the death the boy was telling her about? was the queen going to attack her now or in the future, the young queen deliberated and as her time as queen began it was filled with worry and distraught, she watched her back every second every day, she was careful with what she ate and where she went, and always walked around with guards.

One day the king came back to the palace drunk, anytime his court of ministers frustrates or stresses him he drank to fill his belly and quell his worries.

In that state, he didn’t know when he slapped his queen, and in that moment she held her face realising the problem that came with being queen, was the king going to beat her every time he comes back, that thought disturbed her till it threatened to suffocate her if it was not for that boy and his big mouth she wouldn’t have had to find herself in a situation where she thought everything might lead to her death.

As years passed the king became more frustrated about his ruler ship that the beating became more frequent and with every slap and every kick she remembered her father and she remembered why she did what she did and why she had to kill her father, the young queen tried to have a baby for the king to pacify his urges but unfortunately for her, she never knew she was pregnant until after the king had beaten her one day because she had forgotten to bring the right set of regalia he wanted, and she bled on the floor only to hear later she had a miscarriage when she was taken to the hospital, frustrated she was plunged into despair and her heart twisted with hatred, she wanted to punish the king for all he had done so she decided to kill him, with the wealth she had and the money she was owed, she took over the country and deposed it of its king, but even after that her thirst was not quenched she sent an army to kill the queen and her children so that they wouldn’t disturb her with their claim to the throne.

At last, she found her serenity after she fought and ended all who sought to do her harm, decades passed as she ruled the country with an iron hand then one day as she was about to have her personal tea breaks in her palace’s garden under an oak tree, she took her time to enjoy the peace before her tea was brought to her carefully made, tasted by her own personal and most trusted cook, a boy brought it as she checked the tray the guards told her it was checked, the queen watches as the dew from the oak tree drops into her tea as she continues to seep the tea enjoying the moment knowing it will all soon come to an end.

A sharp pain strikes her chest as she drank all the tea, her lungs became instantly filled with her own blood as she bleeds from her nose and mouth, and that’s when she noticed the paper hanging in between the napkin.

“For my father and all the pain you’ve caused my family”

Her eyes widen when she thought about all that would want her dead and as she loses her consciousness she saw a colouration on the oak tree and realised…

‘Oh! So that’s how they did it, poisoning my beauty, how cruel of them’

With every losing breath and heartbeat, the boy came to her and she looked at him in pain, broken looking for a saviour and as she froze underneath the oak tree she yearned for warmth, was it wrong for her to fight for the justice, she deserves, the boy just looks at her with an icy gaze unmoved and unfazed, he had warned her of the consequences of her actions every time but she never heard him, and only one thought flashed before her eyes as her soul leaves her body

Her mother; if she hadn’t been so afraid of her father and followed her mother and escaped, she would’ve still been alive and all this wouldn’t have happened, she ran back to her father and watched as he beats her mother, unable to speak out, even after her own mother begged for her help over and over again to help her tell the authorities to stop her father since she couldn’t leave home, she left home unknown to her, her mother had finally reached the last straw and was about to break, she came back only to see her mother beaten to death and her father drunk passed out with bloodied hands on the floor, she knew her father will lie to the authorities and his pangs will move to her, and all she could do to escape the hell that was coming was to kill him.

The lost boy took all that is her, which was her soul and brought it to me, ELIZA BLOOMFIELD, I looked at her soul a life well lived and a prize well paid for a prepaid destiny, I took the contract and signed it with my blood for the mark of the raven was eternal, and as the lost boy singed also, I watched him vanish as the wheel of fate began to turn again and yet another tale unfolds.

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