Cover art for the third gate

The Third Gate

The third gate was hers alone
With withered feathers
She soared heights nobody knew
In the name of what’s right and what’s just
She killed and trampled
Without reason with no doubt
She always spoke of loyalty and duty
To one’s cause, she never doubted herself
Never even wavered in the face of despair
Always the first to pick a sword and the last to dropped it
Followed every order even the vilest ones
In the sake of been loyal .

Loyalty to oneself, Loyalty to one’s cause
Even when it brought pain and suffering, she followed it.
Even when it forsakes everything she stood for, she executed it.
Even when loyalty came second
She still followed it.
She felt no sorrow for her deeds, nor her actions
And when faith finally snapped her withered feathers
She was condemned to eternal sorrow

The third gate was hers
Living within all she had caused
And all she’d never accepted
Standing before all those
Who never waver
so that they may.

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