Cover art for The Unheard Prophecy

The Unheard Prophecy


When will it be?, When will be our last day?

Will the executioners ever fall?

Questions they kept on asking

On and on again to I and my sisters

And we replied over and over again

We know nothing if not that which is given

And every time they came back again

I couldn’t blame them, For humanity’s err lies

In his pride of his future

It is only when man seeketh perfection

Does he feel prideful enough to think he could

Actually reach it

What were the seamstresses saying

The Executioners shall fall

The Executioners shall fall

Were their words ever heeded

No it wasn’t

Their words fell on deaf ears

Prophecies of future tales and times

were nothing to the mighty Executioners

They raged the universe,

They raged mankind Until even gods started to fall

And as men bore their fangs the Executioners stood tall

And rallied upon their truth and duty

But fate had already decided their fates

And they fell and fell upon their tales

And the seamstresses watched them get devoured

Forever within their pedestal

Forever within their grace

Foretelling the tale of men

Foretelling The tale of the universe

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