Action, Adventure, Drama, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller,

The Universal Tournament


Unshaken, Unshackled, Unfazed
Is how my resolve is In the face of death
In the face of trials, Unparalleled
Is how it will remain Broken and Beaten
I stand upon my pedestal

My resolve, unable to die low
In the face of despair In the face of deceit
A new my resolve shines Untainted like a beacon of truth
The truth of my life, The truth of my essence
At last, only my Tamashi remains In this endless tug of war

A Thousand Battles, A Thousand Tournaments
A Thousand Heroes From the Endless Expanse of the universe
All aiming for one outcome
For one prize, The Universal Tournament
For gods and all who deem themselves worthy

A prize for one, A Prize not for men
And not for those who doubt their might
And doubt themselves, But only if fate were that easy
For every one shall be tested,
A test of tests beyond that of men

In the cold day of the night, an old wise tale unfolds
Waiting for the blessed, Waiting for an ending
Under a red sun, A warrior stands on trial
A long exhausting trial Of blood, war, conquest
And eternal damnation The first king dwells in solitude

Drowning in the blood of creatures
And men alike, fighting an eternal war
A war to prove man’s existence
A war to prove man’s place in the universe
Beseeching the doubt in their hearts

For the fear that rakes through The soul of any who gazes
Upon his stillness, his emptiness, The turmoil within his gaze
And as death seeks him He yearns for freedom
With the corpse of his enemies And those who call themselves
Adversaries of the true scourge of the universe

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