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The Universe Sea

They said the first goblin to set out to sea was searching for love… and now, no one talks about him anymore… but I remember…

Even though goblins had come into existence by mistake, we were welcomed in our previous world with big open arms. But no matter how many times I tell them to imagine it, they turn their faces away with irritation. They would rather get drunk and boast or speak of their last raid and battle scars gotten from mighty sea creatures.

Circling another empty galaxy in search of prey, we wake up at appointed times and do our work in shifts. Cleaning, scouting, maintenance on the ship and so on. Anything to keep us going on this lifeless sea of horrors…

Mama told me that, a long time ago… when the winds never ceased and the sails bellowed forth calling on adventure… the hearts of goblins were filled with joy and wonder… but sadly, no more… for I too, have come to understand.

In this vast empty space, it had become clear… with every empty planet we passed by, I started to see natural greed and realized that… “nothing belongs to anyone because everything belongs to everyone” for till date, nothing has irritated me more than the sight of someone clenching to their belongings…

They always take knowing their roots for granted, that’s what it seemed like to me. Being nothing but a mistake, a coincidence, a whim… we had no choice but to look upon those who had it all with scorn… by taking what I can from them, destroying what they have and leaving my mark. Maybe, just maybe… through the screams of these innocent favoured souls, the universe might finally acknowledge that we were here…

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