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The Villain’s Song


Profitable but rather meaningless

Man’s Greed, Man’s Gluttony 

Even a vulture knows best

For that which beseeches

the heart of men condemns their soul also

A word for the wise, A word for the living 

The turmoil of the world is only 

For the living and those forsaken

To seek an end to man’s tragic tale yet

An ending with no finishing line 

Greed festers but Gluttony festers even more 

Man’s inability to exist within his world 

May yet be his downfall for his soul 

No longer understands What it means to be tainted 

Excess of knowledge may sometimes be nonsensical 

Their dreams were what I told myself I was fulfilling 

Their sorrows and pain were what I said I was vanquishing

Centuries of pain, built-in Torture, and Slavery 

Mountains and mountains of hope 

Engraved within generations but why do I feel like 

The villain of the story, my sword has been molded 

Carefully and painfully with the pain of a lifetime 

I’ve struck down my enemies and cut down my foes 

Burnt down their homes and kingdoms 

Spilled so much blood in the name of justice 

But why do my ways feel wrong 

Why are they those who have Sworn to stand in my way?

Are they so justified in their own way? 

that my own way feels Unjust and unfair, Hmmm

I guess we are all villains in each other’s stories 

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3 months ago

The twists of fate

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