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The Wandering Wizard


Once Upon a Time in an era of worlds and an age of Magic there once lived a wondering great wizard who sort out to cure his daughter’s magical disease, a rare illness that attacks the spiritual connection of witches to things, where they perceive everything in the universe and due to massive magical energy magic burn out, making them go through massive hysteria and fear of things.

The great wizard tried everything in his power to cure his daughter, but he couldn’t, so he decided to travel all around the universe in search of a cure

“he couldn’t be the only great genius in the universe, someone would have figured something out somewhere that could help him”.

Wandering Wizard

that’s what he thought, the great wizard gathered all the geniuses like him all around the universe and as they journey through the universe they found a cure, the great wizard rushed back to his home world hoping to cure his daughter before it gets too late.

but unfortunately, it was too late for her, her caretaker told him that for the past month his daughter has been having massive and long prophetic sessions and at last her soul gave out, it couldn’t handle all that divine energy.

The great wizard became very heartbroken and truly filled with distraught, after all, he had to do to get the Cure, only to end up not even getting the chance to see his daughter in her last moments, the great wizard kept on thinking about his daughter.

he couldn’t bring his daughter back from the dead he knew that but he also knew that there are timelines where his daughter might still be alive if he can get the chance of saving even one version of her, that will be the best thing he could ever wish for as a father and so the great wizard did the greatest spell of all time the Dona Marie, a spell that allowed him to travel through time.

The great wizard journeyed through time for centuries and in all the timelines he visited his daughter was already dead, at this point the great wizard was a husk of himself a beast that feeds Through Time a being that have truly surpasses its existence, at last he came across a timeline that was about to be destroyed by a horde of the beasts and demons attacking them from a dimension that was ripped through space.

the great wizard wanted to move to the next timeline but he decided to stay after realizing that even though the worlds in that timeline were all but destroyed there were still people living in a city in the in one of the Remnants of the destroyed age, he wore his cloaks and entered the city even though the people are at the verge of destruction they were still living.

in hours the great wizard watch that timeline got burnt and its worlds get destroyed, and in that chaos and destruction the great wizard met a boy who had so much control over his fears, and was still looking at the beast and demons even as they consume and destroy his world, even though paralyzed by his fear and the trauma he was facing, the boy still held his senses/

At that moment the great wizard become more broken than he already was, for he had just realized that maybe by teaching his daughter how to overcome her fear of things he might have been able to save her, this timeline was already done for and he wanted to leave but that will mean the will to fight and survive he saw in that boy will all be for nought.

His daughter was already gone, he is far from his timeline, he has fought enough, the great wizard created an orb from the purest form of will and the purest form of fear and place within it a spirit that will endorse the capacity of he who has overcome his fear before sealing all the beast and demons From the dimensions and saving that timeline by sacrificing his life in return.

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