Adventure, Drama, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller,

The Will of the Broken

Steadfast was how they taught me to be but why

I’m here trembling in the face of death and deceit.

I’ve walked on paths similar to this over and over again

But why does my sword shake, why can’t I take the swing

Have all the rum dulled my senses or have my senses

become consumed by all those who have fallen by my sword

Has my sword lost its grip or has my sense of justice lost its touch

Have I been forsaken because I’ve lost my way

Have I lost my way because I’ve forgotten who I am

Do I have no purpose in this unending torture called existence

I’ve lived a life for those around me

walked a path destined to be mine alone

Destiny will answer my call

Unknown to it, the scars I’ve begotten

My scars will heal pleading to my existence,

I will exist in this world knowing an end will surely come

An end will surely come but only for those who will it so

My will remains broken and my spirit is in embers

Embers like moths to a flame

Flames eternally burning wishing to be extinguished

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