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The Words of A Deceiver


Fuel my rage, for my being is eternal.
Slashed and pierced, I look down upon the cold stare of death.

For the battle is eternal, and i shall fall by the blade of none

Though my heart yearns for a maiden,
And my true despair lies with her, for all that she is,

Is but a memory devoured by that which seeks my soul

Unfazed I stare and all I see is death
For my adversary is one my sword can’t reach
And as i stare all I hope for is for a reprise
For my sword was never mine to begin with

So, bless my aim and bless my soul
So that the seas may bellow
For the silence that will consume the battle field

For all I seek is rebirth
Though my soul is shrewd and shattered
And I seek is a saviour
For my soul belongs to me
And my heart belongs to another

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