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The Death God Abu-Syna

You see this story would have been told differently if I wasn’t who I was, my domain birthed in everlasting light.

I enjoyed my time there, I enjoyed the peace and dwell within its harmony

Then, the fairies were always on their shoes eager to do my bidding for the fates they were entwined perfectly fine.

The Golden age of Gods and Heroes was at its last bout with fate, the first cult was made up of tiny women who were often blamed for bad omens.

They were small in size and had wings on their back, pretty and cute they all were, but ferocious to all but their kin.

They would leave their town and homes one by one and retreat to the great forest of Hiluwa, where all those who call themselves my brethren dwell

There they would gaze into futures to create channels to me where they would reign as eternal monarchs in my domain doing my bidden as commanded.

Watching my unending story unfold, many have searched for what to believe in lifetimes over lifetimes, hardship over hardships, and yet at the end of the day, they unlikely succeed in their endeavors to achieve that one truth, that one purpose.

Many have truly yearned for that which I have possessed, in search of great power.

Unknown to them my need for solitude erases my rage, in servitude for my own mistakes and my own sins.

Destiny has charted my course unlike that of men, and I have walked upon it, my belief is those things which are mine and my purpose is embedded within them.

As time passed, many sought what I owned given to me by the six brothers.

Of “The Gates“were souls residing in torments, and “The Bay” souls purified for their place, tomorrow.

Many call me Angel, Many the night god, but none fascinated me like the title Death god.

Different forces collide in existence most are known by many, while others are known by a few,.

Every force attracts an even stronger force, as countless and endless as the stars, as dwindling as the greater universe.

We exist as proxies and witnesses, who govern the wheel of fate and time, many of us exist with a place, but some of us never get the chance to fulfill their true purpose in this endless expanding universe.

They are bound to wander for eternity, with no place, cursed they are, the lost boys.

They seek true purpose, but as we guide those guided, they sow the seed of deceit, discomfort and doubt in the heart of many.

I watched for a very long time over and over again as creatures of all kinds cross the limits made by their true lord unknown to them the consequences of their actions.

The death of the first cult was just the peak of many of their atrocities, as the souls of fairy pool into the soul world, they were constantly hunted by those driven to despair by the lost boys.

The forest of Hiluwa that holds purity and beauty like no other lost its life, and its beauty withered away.

The fairies silently in a rage began to call forth my wrath upon those who have wronged them.

As fate wills it, my wrath washed over the greater universe and all those who wronged another were punished by the fierce judgments of the fates.

Many high gods took to my call and heed my words, Born gods and made gods, those who began to call themselves Death gods in my name, for my lord, for I am fated but fateless. 

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