Throneless Kingdom

Long ago before the world of men separated from the world of the gods, there was a kingdom called the flying mountains that flourished only by what was given to them by the gods.

For centuries the people prayed to the gods in diligence and the gods in return answered their prayers every time they were called upon, but at the dawn of the age of kings and the age of men, Men began to yearn for more in an era where mystery, magic, knowledge and power superseded existence, many questioned the existence and attained god-like powers, by birth in faith or by just sheer will out of luck, some decided to seek more land and eternal glory and within this jumble cauldron of events the flying mountains were a rare gem.

A kingdom that possesses the power to call upon the gods and are always answered, their freedom became threatened and they were hunted anytime they left their lands, the king and the people of the flying mountains prayed to the gods to give them abilities to be able to protect themselves out there since they were a bunch who never sought out violence but to very much dismay the gods for the first time told them that the path in which the seek to walk is filled with treachery, betrayal, death, Vengeance, conquest, actions and consequences so they should think again upon what they are asking of them.

The King and his Knights attended the annual market of Empires in secret hoping to find something since the gods have refused to answer their prayers as luck will it the King and his Knights heard of a tale of an Arcanum, a tale of mystery, a Tale of an orb which possesses the power to bestow its owner’s powers beyond man’s imagination.

With what they possess the King and his Knights went back home and pray to the gods and the gods answered but before they gave them what they wanted they told them that since they have rejected the Fates given to them by the gods so immensely that they went and attained the will to change their own fates from now on the gods have decided to give them their own free will to decide their own fate and destinies and never to be answered by the gods ever again, the King and his Knights heeded the words of the gods and plunged the kingdom of the flying mountains into the realm of men by obtaining the location of the Orb of Destiny.

The King and his Knights brought back the Orb to the kingdom but before they told them what will happen they told them what had happened, that each and every one of them have lost the ability to call upon the gods and now all of them must now all decide on their own fates and attain the power to protect themselves, the kingdom of the flying mountains became one of the greatest in the room of man with the power of the Orb of Destiny and the knowledge they possessed.

Years passed and generations came and all the people of the flying mountains possess the power of the gods, their influence not only overwhelmed the world of men but also that of the Demons and Monsters, their King and his Knights attained immortality and the Kingdom became the pride of men.

Centuries have passed and like every object of Magic, the Orb had a price, the more they asked the more their connections and interactions jumbled up to create so much malicious Intent towards one another that the War of kings happened, on the battlefield, there was death, at their farms there was death, in their homes there Was Death, on their streets there was death, murders, suicides, killings, Massacres, rape, mass suicide, abuse, inhumane experiments, slavery and some of them even exploded because of overwhelming magic power and abilities the world of men came to the verge of its destruction.

The King and his Knights upon seeing all that has happened begged and prayed for the gods for centuries that please if the gods will forgo their punishment and save them from the coming disaster, the orb had consumed too much dark energy from the magic of men that it possesses the power to erase them from existence after it has twisted their minds and their Souls and forced them to betray and kill one another.

It will start afresh from a new timeline, they prayed and finally the gods answered after much of arduous ordeal, the gods told The King and his Knights that they will stop the precision of the Orb and in return, the King and his Knights were Condemned to become “the hunt” ghost of Lost worlds riding upon the emblem of death and mystery eternally in search for those who seek mischief and chaos, within the tainted ones.

With their King gone and their royalty lost kingdom of the flying mountains was destroyed and people were driven out to the barren lands to die in isolation for the sins they committed but after the gods left them a man came to them he called himself a Blacksmith.

He told them he can take them to a world where they can survive and hope that maybe one day in a race of Eternity in a world beyond man’s imagination, a throneless Kingdom they will be and maybe one who has control over his true self will come and claim this Legacy of his and the glory and pride they once shed will be theirs once again.

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