Cover art for time wraiths

Time Wraiths

Around, around we go
Clockworks at an arm’s length
To be or not to be
A fleeting quake time is
Swift but also fragile
Ambiguous but fated
A war might cause
Tiny freckles of quakes
A death might result
To a change of Destiny
But a flap might cause ripples

And that’s where we are
To stop the flaps
And erase the ripples
No place is beyond our gaze
Not even the reflectors gaze
We bind the fate
We police time itself
And all those who seek
To disturb or disrupt this flow
Shall see justice as the hand of fate

In a withering demon
shall they see death
Our cause is not that which
Even fate has not seen
For we are agents of fate
And fate itself
We are Time wraiths
Around, around we go again

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