To Each Their Own

To Each Their Own Book Cover
I’ve seen tall buildings crumble, I’ve seen heroes fall, I’ve seen brother turn against brother, and I’ve seen men betray all they’ve ever stood for, then why would love not prophesize. This is a tale long due to be told, long due to have an ending, A tale of love, a tale of dragons, a tale of two worlds.

Fate has rolled it’s dice and now all that is left is for destiny to play itself out. Many sacrifices had been made and many deaths have occurred, fate has chosen Kane as her mate, and she is destined within the starts beyond the horizon. For a long time, their unseen love has haunted their dreams and now both worlds have been connected but too many secrets and evils of the past lies within the shadows. Will their love be fulfilled Will their love cross the stars and be a hope for others or will it be the end of many?

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