Tune of the Dead

One step forward, two steps backward

Relish your desires within my tune

Demons looking up from hell

See my angelic form

While angels from up above

See otherwise

You have come a long way

But there are still many more miles to go

The body may grow weary but the soul should not

Discard your uniform and press on

Just like Dona Maria once did

Go… carry on

Chase your desires, my tune will lead the way.

This home of mine

Was yours too

Come out this instant

From within your tombs

Rejoice and reach out

For the world, you left behind

Eternal slumber is nothing but an illusion

So come out this instant

I command you

Heed the voice that calls you

One who still sees you as worthy

One who hasn’t forgotten

Your bare-bones pleases me

So don’t let this opportunity slide

Heed the voice that calls you

For tonight and many more to come

Rise from your tombs.

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