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As I walked up to his damaged consciousness, I felt pulled by the faith that surrounded me towards his crumbling heart, a feeling that I could tolerate only because it was my duty.

I lay my box beside his battered soul and opened it up. My spirit assistant ‘Alisha’ popped out slowly and circulated me before setting her gentle palms on him. She began to scan his perception and reality, fixing any gaps she found along the way.

Whenever there was a bump or tie in his conscious line, she straightened it out and allowed for free flow of energy and his body was all but shy of our presence.

I picked up some of my tools for the first time in a while and began to help out a little as well, whatever I could contribute would be welcomed and greatly compensated, even a now simple caretaker like me could benefit realms in a land like this.

My tools shake as they came close to his presence, they were wary of this one’s pain.

He all be it lost all that he had set out to gain by taking the chance to acquire even greater spoils and the greed of man is a terrible thing, the absolute power in that single moment consumed him and he was forever lost in the thirst for a quest, unable to sit or share his greatest troubles, lost to the title of ‘god’… a sad fate.

He gasped as his soul remembered its name and returned once again to push this poor man further into the pit. No wonder there, why I find myself unable to laugh at the jokes of gods, me and my simple fragile self…but the blacksmith’s back keeps me going, his natural demeanour executing his duty to the utmost limit till his duty was misused by the larger men… he still bore this again and threw away his beloveds… and as his student, I cannot fall short.

Zeus completely revives as Alisha separates herself from him and begins to cough. I pour a cup of water and offer it to him, he drinks it and drops the cup with a loud ‘aaaaahhhh’

As he began to speak, his words fell on deaf ears as my consciousness came close to fading again but the memory of my teacher, my friend… kept me going.

I remembered how I used to feel and how he rejected it, he believed me capable of greater things and built me ‘Alisha’ … she was amazing, she could even heal a god or kill one but I could never do that, I had a lot of morals… I laughed a little and Zeus laughs louder as well and pats me on the shoulder. I tried to listen closely, now, out of guilt but couldn’t understand the language of the gods.

As expected, his turns were running out and they had already begun to move against him again.

It truly boggled me how their will could be so endless, they could never tire, we could try to keep up for thousands of years but in the first millennia, we would cave in.

I considered this unfair, but my master back made me think otherwise, it had done great things for great reasons, I know he did, that’s why I’ll believe in them all as well… for my sake, not theirs.

Alisha wrapped herself around my neck and took this memory as well away from me. I really miss them though….

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