Vampire Hounds 2

Settling in with his new family, Alex the vampire, let's down his walls.

Alex took his newly bought slaves home. His house was a mess so he put them to work immediately. They arrived at his house around noon but by six in the evening they had completely cleaned up the place, they were quite efficient and hard working. Alex took a liking to them all immediately but he didn’t let it show, he wanted them to think they still had to impress him, there was a two-week return policy after all

‘Well done’ Alex said to them all after taking a quick walk around the mansion, he was truly impressed, they had really cleaned out every corner and put many things in places he never guessed would look good but they did

‘Okay. I guess I’ll leave dinner to the only lady in the group’ Alex said to them all. Anita hesitated a little bit before nodding

‘If I may also be allowed to help’ Richard said ‘I actually love to cook’ he added

‘Very well then’ Alex said studying them, it was going to take a bit longer to know them better ‘In the study, behind the large painting behind the chair, there’s a safe, the combination is 24 35 40, take as much money as you need and buy some supplies’

‘Yes sir’ Richard and Anita echoed and left to do as they were told

‘As for you’ Alex said turning to face William ‘Let’s take a walk’

‘Yes sir’ William replied with a smile, he could tell Alex was the kind type already. Children had a knack for such things

‘Tell me’ Alex said putting his hand on William’s shoulder to make him relax ‘what’s your story?’

‘My story?’ William asked looking up at Alex

‘Yes, how did you end up here in the capital? For starters’ Alex said looking down at him with a reassuring smile

‘Well,’ William said looking around as they walked ‘Our town was captured and I surrendered in time. It’s not that I couldn’t fight like the others, I just didn’t really see why I needed to, vampires are way stronger than us after all so I thought it wise to just give up before…’ he trailed

‘Before?’ Alex asked tapping him on the shoulder

‘Well, before they killed me’ William finally said

‘Hahaha’ Alex laughed ‘I guess so, the front liners are ruthless, they’ll kill anyone that resists without a moment of hesitation’

‘Yes. Does every vampire here know what the front liners are like?’ William asked curiously. All the vampires he had spoken to until now were all ignorant about the war, they knew nothing

‘Of course not. I’m from the front lines that’s why’ Alex replied smiling brightly for the first time remembering the lust-filled days he had when he was there

‘Oh…’ William said starting to shake a little bit, for the first time since morning he had looked into Alex’s eyes and the deep red it was dyed in scared him. Alex had red stretched out eyes unlike most vampires but his long dark hair kept them hidden most of the time

Alex could feel little William shaking in his hand as they walked together around the mansion. William was still young and was probably finding it hard to conceal his emotions still

‘Let’s go into the garden’ Alex said to William and they marched straight there. When they were at the entrance of the large garden, Alex began to speak ‘you see, first off William, I want you to know that I don’t eat my slaves-‘

‘You don’t?’ William almost shouted in disbelief

‘I don’t’ Alex said removing his hand from William’s shoulder and rubbing his head for a short moment then returning it to his shoulder ‘and, you’re my favourite’ he added with a smile

‘Me? Why?’ Asked William

‘Well’ Alex said looking up and getting lost in his thoughts for a moment ‘you remind me of someone, someone very very dear to me’

‘Who is that?’ William asked curiously, getting comfortable

‘Well… I’ll tell you on a different day’ Alex said laughing

‘Ah’ William sighed in quiet frustration

‘You still haven’t told me how you made it all the way here to the capital’ Alex pushed again

‘Oh, I kept answering questions, showing the vampires what I could do. My family was very wealthy so I had a proper education growing up and it seemed to impress them. Before long, the Meister bought me and I ended up here’ William replied

‘I’ve been meaning to ask, what did the Meister tell you?’ Alex asked finally gunning for main aim

‘Well…’ William began with a more serious tone than before ‘he first picked us out and dressed us in proper clothing, he fed us well for a few days and he told us that there was a high possibility that a certain noble was going  to come to buy us’

‘Yes, yes’ Alex said nodding his head, he wasn’t interested in this part

‘He told us that the vampires of the capital were different, they required certain skills and a certain high level of devotion and secrecy’ William said looking up into Alex’s red eyes again

‘I’m glad’ Alex said ‘I’m really glad he went through all that trouble for me. Now, you especially will be doing a lot of jobs for me in the future, as long as you don’t betray me, I will treat you like my younger brother’

‘Brother?’ William asked in disbelief again

‘Yes, don’t tell anyone’ Alex said leaning in ‘but I don’t believe vampires are all that superior to humans’

‘Ah’ William gasped

‘Shhhh’ Alex said placing a hand on his lips ‘it’s our first secret’ he added with a calming smile. William smiled brightly and nodded in agreement, giggling a little bit

Alex was an honest man but this time he had lied, he had honestly bought these slaves in an attempt to fill the empty hole in his heart and young William was starting to feel like the little brother he had always wished for.

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