Vampire Hounds 3

‘We’re back sir’ Richard and Anita said as they walked in on Alex and William

‘Welcome back’ William said to them with a big smile standing beside Alex, Anita was shocked at how relaxed William had become

‘We’ll start cooking right away. Any specific request sir?’ Richard asked Alex

‘None, surprise us’ Alex said taking William by the hand ‘we’ll be waiting in the study. Come, William, let’s read some books’ he said to the little figure beside him

‘Sure’ William said and followed him

Meanwhile, Anita and Richard headed to the kitchen. Anita stomped her feet when she was sure the coast was clear

‘Why is William being so friendly with him? I thought we agreed to stick together’ Anita complained to Richard

‘You’re too quick to judge’ Richard replied ‘maybe he isn’t like the others, he seems nice. He actually told us the combination to his safe, maybe he’s just carefree or he is testing us or…’ Richard trailed off

‘Or…’ Anita said

‘Never mind, let’s start cooking’ Richard said changing the topic

‘Hmph! You know I can’t cook’ Anita complained again

‘I do, that’s why I am here but you’ll have to learn’ Richard said sternly ‘grab the onions and tomatoes, wash them and try to cut them into little pieces without cutting yourself. Our master is lenient but I doubt he’ll allow me to help you for too long, and if you get returned to the Meister… nobody will be able to help you’

‘But I already did all that cleaning this afternoon’ Anita complained

‘I know child’ Richard said calming her down ‘but this is the life we all have to live now, so get working so we don’t take too long in here and make him suspicious’

‘Fine’ Anita said finally making a move

‘Good girl’ Richard praised her a little and she smiled

‘Anita was the heiress to a vast fortune, she has never worked a day in her life’ William said to Alex

‘I suspected’ Alex replied laughing as they both chatted away in the study ‘what of Richard?’ he asked

‘Well, Richard is a family man, a good one at that. Its thanks to his continuous encouraging words that many of us slaves made it this far without taking our lives’ William replied

‘I see, he looked like the stern type but I guess he is also kind. Man, I am glad the Meister got me all three of you. Or is there anyone else you all had a close connection with, I can go get them too’ Alex said to little William

‘I couldn’t’ William replied

‘Don’t be like that, I couldn’t refuse an offer from my little brother’ Alex said rubbing his head

‘Well, she was already bought by someone else’ William said sadly

‘Oh, I can’t really help then but I’ll put in a word with the Meister, if they return her, I’ll get her’ Alex reassured him ‘what’s her name?’

‘Elizabeth’ William said quickly

‘Very well, we’ll try to get Elizabeth’ Alex said

‘Thank you’ William said

‘Not a problem’ Alex replied

Richard and Anita on the other hand were almost done with the cooking, with Richard doing most of the work. He had even taken the onions and tomatoes from Anita when she was taking too long trying not to cut herself

‘Watch closely, you’re doing the next one’ Richard said to Anita sternly, like a father to his daughter

‘Yes sir’ Anita replied weakly

When they were done preparing the food, Richard left Anita to set the dining table while he proceeded to go and call Master Alex and little William

Richard knocked softly on the door of the study, he could hear laughter coming from the both of them from behind it, it amazed him that Master Alex could laugh

‘Yes?’ Alex said in between laughs.

Richard opened the door slowly while saying ‘excuse me…’ when the door was completely opened he added with a bow ‘dinner is served’ he said

‘Oh, good. Let’s go William’ Alex said to William getting up

‘Yes sir’ William said getting up as well

Richard was astonished, they had both been sitting on the floor. He had never seen a vampire of Alex’s class sit on the floor in his entire life

Richard let the way as an enthusiastic William and calm Alex followed him behind to the dining table. Alex took his seat at the head of the table and William sat next to him. That’s when Alex noticed that the table had been set for only him

‘What is this?’ Alex asked calmly

‘If the food isn’t to your likin-’ Richard was saying buy Alex interrupted him

‘Not that, why isn’t the table set for all four of us?’ he asked Richard

‘Well sir, for someone of you-’ Richard was saying again

‘I don’t want to hear it’ Alex interrupted him again ‘I won’t eat unless we’re all eating together’ Alex complained crossing his hands in a childish manner

Richard stared speechless for a few seconds ‘very well sir, I’ll set the table for all of us’ he then rushed to the kitchen only to meet Anita stuffing herself with food

‘What are you doing?’ Richard asked her almost laughing, everything was surprising him

‘I was hungry’ She whined with her mouthful

‘Hahaha,’ Richard laughed a little bit ‘well, get out more dishes. Alex said he is not eating unless we’re all eating together’ he added

‘He said what?’ Anita asked in disbelief

‘You heard me, hurry’ Richard said sternly

‘Yes, right away’ Anita said putting down the plate of food she was eating and helping Richard.

After the table was set, they were all seated and waited for Alex to speak. He on the other hand simply ignored them and started eating murmuring to himself ‘to think they wanted me to eat on my own, am I really that scary, humans never change…’ and so on

William simply laughed and started to eat. Richard and Anita stared at both of them for a while before they started eating as well. It was a quiet meal aside from Alex’s continuous grumbling…

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