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Vampire Hounds 4


After dinner that day it became a rule, they ate every meal together no matter what. They all worked together in the mornings to tidy up the large castle-like building, Alex even offered to help sometimes, other times he helped without them noticing since they always complained that it was their job and a master shouldn’t be seen cleaning. In his defence, he would always say no one was around but today was different, for the first time in weeks, he had a visitor

William set down a tray with a tea kettle and two cups on the table between Alex and his guest

‘Good boy you have here’ the guest said looking at William in a seductive manner, she was an elderly woman of only god knows what age but she looked twenty, twenty-five at most

‘Can I have a quick bite?’ she added dragging William by the hand into her lap and was about to dig into his neck

‘No eating the slaves, don’t you remember my family policy?’ Alex said calmly without even flinching

‘Oh…’ She said retracting her fangs that had come out a little bit probably from her thirst ‘you’re the new master now, old family rules don’t mean anything unless you say they do’

‘Then I say they do…’ Alex said with a calm smile

‘Very well then’ she said letting go of William ‘go on then’ she added slapping his buttocks with a dangerous smile

‘So why are you here?’ Alex said as William scurried out of the room

‘Oh, I almost forgot’ she said ‘I honestly just came to check on how things were going, the progress you’ve made is astounding. I didn’t think you’d get back on your feet this fast. I mean your whole family betrayed you and then they were killed before they could even explain anything to you, I don’t know about you but I know I would be enraged’

‘Enraged? You of all people should know that I don’t have time for such things. The front lines teach you a lot of things’ Alex replied reaching forward to pour both of them some tea

‘Like what?’ she asked

‘How the supreme power is truly powerful, defiance is foolish and how little lives matter in the big picture’ Alex said putting down the kettle after filling up the two cups

‘That’s unlike you’ she replied picking up one of the cups with great speed, she was truly thirsty and her fangs had been poking out a bit, William must have really got her riled up

‘Change is a must’ Alex said picking up his cup and raising it to his lips, he took a quick sip and sighed ‘why are you alone though? I thought you always walked around with a slave for your meals’

‘Why are you asking that now? Don’t tell me what I did is still bothering you?’ she asked back with a cocky smile

‘Your fangs are still sticking out’ Alex replied pointing at her teeth

‘Oh my!’ she exclaimed dropping her cup and clasping her two hands over her mouth ‘I didn’t mean to’ she said apologetically

‘You really have to fix this your thing for young boys already. Until then, I’m going to keep him very far from you, I have an elderly slave. He’ll be the one that attends to you whenever you’re around from now on’ Alex said folding his hands calmly

‘Oh come on’ she whined getting up and walking over to his side ‘don’t be like that, I swear I won’t try anything behind your back. I want to at least be able to see him’

‘No’ Alex said looking away from her

‘Ooooohh’ she complained stomping her feet ‘I see somethings never change, you’re your father’s son!’

‘I am’ Alex said with a smirk

‘I’m glad you’re still yourself’ she finally said calmly as tears started to stream down her cheeks ‘I’m really glad’ she added rubbing his head

‘Aunt, you’re stronger than this’ Alex chuckled

‘Stop that. War has made your heart too hard. Move this hair aside, let me see your face clearly’ she said shuffling his hair to the side but when she looked into his eyes she jerked back and covered her mouth

‘When!!!???’ she yelled. Alex smiled and adjusted his hair

‘I’ll tell you all about it, sit down aunt’ Alex said still adjusting his hair. She slowly moved around the table and sat back on her chair

Alex stood up and walked to the door, he pulled it open and stared down at the eavesdropping three ‘Richard you too’ he said with a slight laugh

‘Excuse us’ Richard said and grabbed the startled Anita and William. Alex simply smiled as they walked away. He then closed the door back and walked back to join his aunt

‘When did this happen Alex?’ she asked as tears kept streaming down her face

Alex slowly took a sip of his tea one more time then spoke ‘it was he front lines aunt, it gets to you and before you know it, you’re this’ he said spreading his hands

Vampire’s eyes turn red whenever they want to feed but for them to become permanent one had to have killed and eaten over their limit time and time again for long intervals and even with that it hardly ever became permanent so those who achieved this were known to have lost themselves to lust completely in their lifetime

‘How many?’ his aunt asked with her voice shaking

‘I lost count’ Alex said with a forced smile ‘it’s… over aunt. Even if I had come home to meet them alive, I would have been kicked out. So this was for the best’

His aunt cried even harder, her poor nephew wasn’t even allowed to wish that his family was alive…

After his aunt left Alex called Richard and told him to follow her and make sure that she isn’t followed. When she’s home safely, he should return, they were going to hold their first official meeting about Alex’s planned rebellion against the supreme powers.

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