Vampire Hounds 5

Alex plans against the supreme powers and falls in love....

In the basement of the mansion, a candlelit up the hidden room.

‘As I told you before, I want to go against the supreme powers’ Alex said calmly to Richard, William and Anita

‘It’s too risky’ Richard said back to Alex

A few days ago after bounding over the last few weeks, Alex had casually said it while they were eating. He made his house a home for them, they were slaves in name only, they could go and come as they please, take the money and go buy whatever they needed or wanted, sleep-in on certain days and so much more. They were like a family and when Alex had made his statement it was more like a suggestion and he wanted to get their opinion on the matter

‘I can’t do nothing Richard, they tarnished my family name to nothing’ Alex replied calmly

‘I thought you were a calmer person Alex’ Richard replied in his stern manner like an elder brother

‘I am, I don’t want anything big, I just want to stick it to them a little, it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be direct opposition’ Alex said back calmly

‘So you don’t want an all-out war?’ Richard asked him

‘Of course not, I have seen enough deaths’ Alex replied. Everyone else at the table took a large sigh of relief ‘what happened?’ Alex asked confused

‘We thought you wanted to wage war or start a resistance’ Anita spoke out leaning back on her chair

‘Why would I do that?’ Alex asked

‘Well, you’re a little unpredictable’ Richard said

‘I am?’ Alex asked

‘You are’ Anita affirmed ‘like the other day in the garden-‘

‘In the garden?’ Richard asked

‘Forget about that’ Alex cut in. Richard and William stared confused

‘Well, what do you want to do?’ Richard asked Alex

‘I don’t know’ Alex said also leaning back on his chair ‘if I did I wouldn’t be asking you guys. I would have just gone ahead and done it’

‘True’ Richard said nodding his head

‘There’s something… we can do…’ William spoke up

‘There is?’ Alex asked excitedly

‘Yeah’ William said looking down

‘What is that?’ Richard asked Alex

‘There’s a group… you can suppor-’ William was saying when Richard interrupted slamming his hand on the table

‘Damn it William!’ Richard roared and William went quiet

‘Why are you yelling at him?’ Alex asked calmly, confused but he had a feeling he knew what was going on

‘It’s not worth your time Master Alex’ Anita spoke up immediately

‘It’s not? What is that?’ Alex asked back

‘I beg you to please forget what William said and excuse us this once’ Richard said bowing down

‘There’s a resistance isn’t there?’ Alex asked Richard

Richard and Anita looked spoked, Alex was extremely sharp and he wasn’t letting anything slid

‘I was right’ Alex said leaning his chair forward ‘I want to meet them’ he added

‘Master Alex please…’ Richard said with tears in his eyes ‘they are not worth your time they are… the worst. Fools if I dare say…’

‘It doesn’t matter’ Alex said unfazed by Richard’s teary eyes

‘You are precious to us sir, please reconsider’ Anita said taking Alex’s hand. For a second everywhere went silent for Alex, it was happening again…

A few weeks ago, Anita was walking around the garden when she heard someone sobbing, she sneaked around thinking it was William, who else could it be? To her surprise it was Master Alex, he was crying like a child crawled up in one corner

‘Master Alex’ Anita said approaching him

‘Anita…’ he said looking at her

‘Is everything alright?’ she had asked him

‘Of course not’ he replied still crying ‘how can everything be alright when my family is dead’ he said then cried even more

‘It’s okay Master Alex’ she said embracing him, something about his current mood lifted the fear from her heart and she could only see a broken man. He held her tightly and cried his heart out…

When he was done, he regained his composure. ‘Sorry you had to see that…’ Alex said in his calm usual voice, the whiny child was gone ‘it’s a side effect’ he said

‘Side effect?’ Anita asked

‘Yes’ Alex said raising his hair that covered his eyes, he showed her his bloodshot red eyes ‘when a vampire gets like this his emotions become very hard to control’

‘I see…’ Anita said leaning forward and taking a good look at them ‘you look like a beast’ she joked laughing a little bit

‘You’re not scared’ Alex asked shocked

‘I am’ Anita said moving back ‘but not anymore, I feel like I understand you a bit more now. Humans and vampires might not be that different after all’

‘You think so too?’ Alex asked her

‘Yeah, I mean, I thought you didn’t know how to cry.’ Anita said laughing, in that moment the wind picked up and her hair billowed in the wind. Alex felt a pull on his heartstrings and moved forward not doubting himself for a moment. He put his right hand behind her head and pulled her into a kiss…

Anita stood startled… after a long kiss, Alex pulled away and smiled. Richard was walking around the garden looking for Alex ‘Master Alex!’ he yelled

‘Over here’ Alex said standing up and walking away from a speechless Anita

‘There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you’ Richard said

‘Sorry about that, I was relaxing’ Alex said leading Richard away

Anita brushed her hand against her lips and fell back on the grass…

Alex looked into Anita’s eyes and his gaze softened under his hair ‘Okay, I won’t contact the resistance’ He said

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