Vampire Hounds 6

The next day, Alex decided to accompany Anita to the market, he needed to speak to her. Richard and William sensed something was up so they tagged along as well

‘Let’s make it a family outing’ Richard had said and Alex had nothing to say back to him. What shocked Alex was that Anita had also looked disappointed

‘So you look down when Richard said he was coming along’ Alex whispered to Anita as they walked around the market

‘I did?’ Anita asked looking at Alex ‘I don’t think so, I was probably thinking about something’ she defended herself

‘Okay then, I was disappointed though. I wanted some time alone with you’ Alex said looking deeper into her eyes

‘I s… see…’ Anita stuttered looking away

‘Master Alex?’ Richard said coming up behind Alex with William ‘we got the fruits you requested’ he said looking at him and Anita suspiciously as they looked around trying to act normal

‘Oh, thanks Richard’ Alex said sweating a little

‘Not a problem Sir’ Richard replied with a bow

‘I want sweets’ William said taking Alex’s hand

‘Okay then, I know a shop. I’ll leave the rest to you two then’ Alex said leading William away ‘Let’s meet at Julia’s Café up this street, send the goods back home before coming over’ he added and they both disappeared into the crowd

‘So what’s going on?’ Richard asked Anita excitedly, smiling from ear to ear

‘Nothing at all, it’s still the same as before’ Anita replied

‘What do you mean? He hasn’t made any other move?’ Richard asked disappointed

‘How can he!? When you keep following us everywhere’ Anita said angrily at Richard

‘I always give you space at home, the reason I followed you out was so you two wouldn’t get carried away, Alex is way too unpredictable, even after you told me about the kiss I didn’t believe you till yesterday with the whole holding his hand. That was really direct though’ Richard said playfully slapping her shoulder, he really saw her like his daughter, his real one was already dead though. The vampire that caught him and his family wasn’t as merciful as Alex, he also had red eyes but he was more menacing, Richard was faking it, deep inside he believed Alex might actually be the same but maybe the love of a human could make his current personality and softness towards humans permanent so he was doing all he could to support them

‘I had to. William was acting like a child and Alex was playing along’ Anita sternly said reassuring Richard that she wasn’t acting out of any sort of emotion even though it was clear that she was. After the kiss, she could barely keep her composure in front of Alex and Richard had noticed

They conversed on back and forth while doing the shopping, after they were done they sent the goods on back home and went to meet Alex and William. On their way down the busy street, the market broke into a frenzy… the resistance were attacking

The vampire society was powerful, it was impenetrable and ultimate. The only way to harm it was through indiscriminate killing. Vampires and humans of all kinds came out of their hiding place and gun shots could be heard from all directions, some vampires dug their fangs into their victim’s necks, draining them dry in a single minute

Most of the humans attacking were slaves and they were the ones with guns, the vampires on the other hand were normal only one of them had red eyes like that of Alex and for some reason, he had set his eyes on Anita and Richard and was charging through the crowd at an extreme speed to rip their heads off

Before he could get to them, Alex appeared in front of them and pushed their attacker back. There they both stood, Alex had parted his hair and his eyes were bright red, his fangs were out and he wore a scary expression but Anita was bothered by it, instead to her it looked beautiful

Their attacker walked around a little bit, still looking at Richard and Anita and now little William who had run to join them

‘Why is he staring at us like that?’ Richard asked Alex hoping he was still in his right senses

‘It’s my scent that’s on you’ Alex replied calming his enraged breathing a little bit ‘we like to steal each other’s prey, it shows one is stronger than the other’

‘But that’s just like-’ Richard was saying when Alex interrupted

‘Animals. I know’ Alex said jumping at his attacker ‘I’ll come to you’ he added clashing with him ‘let’s enjoy this’

His opponent growled at him

‘What is this?’ Alex said in a disappointed tone ‘don’t you have your senses together!?’ he yelled kicking his opponent back a few meters

He growled again attacking Alex but he easily dodged it and kicked him back again

‘Forget this’ Alex said walking away from him

The humans that were attacking stopped shooting people and ran back into their hiding place, the vampire patrol were here. They were swift movements here and there and before they knew it, the vampire who had attacked Alex was pushed down to the floor by two vampires in uniform

Alex walked back to Richard and the crew and asked ‘is everyone okay?’

‘Yes sir’ they all answered scared of the vampires who were still moving swiftly around the street, dragging out the assailants and killing those who resist instantly

‘Why are you guys startled?’ Alex asked them as they stared unbelievably at the shadows moving and in another minute it was over, the dead bodies were gone, the attackers were gone and the street was quiet again

‘Sir Alex’ A shadow said appearing beside Alex ‘A message’ he said handing Alex a letter and vanishing

Alex opened it up and read it… he had been summoned to the royal court for his service today. Alex sighed…

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