Vampire Hounds 7

‘Will you be going?’ Anita asked Alex as they sat in the garden back home together. She had brought some tea out for him and he was drinking it as she asked her question, they had all been curious but it’s only Anita who had the courage to ask him

‘It’s not like I have a choice’ Alex said calmly sipping his tea ‘If I don’t go, they’ll kill every single one of us just as they did in the market, Vampires have absolute laws now and I don’t really like fighting the way I used to’

Anita remembered the terrifying look he had on his face when the other vampire had attacked him back in the market ‘do you really?’ she asked finally vetting her concerns

‘What do you mean?’ Alex asked looking at her confused

‘Well, you looked like you were enjoying yourself back in the market’ Anita said putting both hands on her curvy hips

‘Oh that…’ Alex said dropping his cup ‘Yes, I thought I would enjoy that…’

‘You see…’ Anita pointed out

‘Not like that…’ Alex said chuckling ‘I mean, I was excited that the resistance actually existed and I thought the vampires they had in their service would be strong but they turned out to be a bunch of animals’

‘We warned you, I can’t believe you actually doubted us’ Anita said pouting

‘Yeah, sorry about that’ Alex replied

‘You better be. I’m going to help Richard in the kitchen, it’s almost time for dinner’ Anita said leaving

‘Sure’ Alex replied still seated and continued to sip his tea

Alex remembered. Back on the front lines, he worked under the command of several commanders, each one was unique… some were compassionate and captured a lot of humans alive but not all were accepted as slaves, the excesses were used as extra rations for the soldiers

He remembered one of his commanders, in particular, the most ruthless of them all. His name was Eni, he was a tall man of about forty-five, huge, a giant even. Eni ate in the mess with all his soldiers, never in his private quarters. He seemed to enjoy it

He would laugh loudly at their jokes and antiques, he would yell words of encouragement whenever a fight broke out, sometimes, his soldiers would even get drunk and challenge him and he would welcome it. Sometimes, he would kill them in the fight while laughing…

Alex was young then, he had just been moved from his previous squad. His previous commander was one of the lenient ones, he had taken an entire village as slaves without killing a single person but higher command said that they were too much and ordered the vampires to have their fill with them. His commander was lost but there was nothing he could do so he had made their deaths as painless as possible…

Compared to the compassion and empathy he had witnessed in his first squad this band of misfits were animalistic. They laid waste to all humans in their path never sparing a single soul, it was making Alex sick

One day while they were eating in the mess after another successful battle, Alex was drinking to drown the images of the battle he had just experienced. Humans were fighting back but it was pointless, even with their guns, tanks, and aircrafts, before the supernatural, it was pointless…

Alex in his desperate attempt to run away from his thoughts got too drunk and as if pushed by fate his commander, Eni, stood up to give a speech

‘Men, let me hear another cheer to another easy battle’ Eni yelled raising his cup. There was a loud cheer that echoed across the land

‘Enough!’ Alex yelled getting up ‘Enough all of you’ the crowd went silent for a second then busted into laughter

‘You’re too drunk, sit down rookie…’ and other words were hurled at Alex

‘I can’t stand you animals’ Alex said staggering to the commander’s table

‘Animals?’ Eni said to Alex with a smile on his face

‘Yes! How can you be so happy about killing the weak’ Alex yelled at him, the entire mess hall went quiet

‘The weak?’ Eni said walking towards the drunk Alex ‘You think humans are weak?’ he asked stopping in front of him, overshadowing him with his giant structure

‘Of course, they are. We can move faster than their bullets, we can tear down their armor easily and some of us are faster than their planes! They don’t stand a chance!’ Alex yelled

‘You fool!’ Eni said hitting him to the ground ‘Do you have any idea how long it took us to get this far… do you even know where we started from!? Are you siding with the vermin that hunted us down for centuries?’

‘Hunted us? They were protecting themselves’ Alex yelled from the ground

‘Silence!’ Eni said hitting Alex again, knocking some teeth out ‘Eras change, they ruled for so long, they should be content with that and fall aside for the new race…’

Alex sat in the garden, in the present remembering Eni’s words, it had taken him six years for him to understand just how kind Eni was but when he finally did, Eni was already dead. Killed by the humans he looked down on… an ironic victory for the vampires because with Eni gone, the uncontrollable vampires who had been under his control were finally let loose and they turned humans into their playthings

Alex sat there smiling to himself, it had taken him that long to under the saying that ‘things not always what they seem’ and now he was wondering just what waited for him in the Royal court meeting tomorrow

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