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Vampire Hounds


In a society where humans have been subdued and vampires ruled supreme, a classy vampire age twenty-seven with dark skin and dark hair is seen striding slowly towards the slave market.

He had recently lost his entire family to power struggle… after several years abroad fighting wars for the vampire race in their conquest of the earth, he received word while he was on the front lines that his family name had committed treason against the state

‘Treachery?’ he thought to himself, his family wasn’t the most fanatical of the bunch but they were vampires who believed in their noble cause as much as any other family but it seems the magistrate didn’t think so

He had rushed home as quickly as he could but he was far too late, they had been killed the day before he had arrived to meet only their graves. He was saddened, enraged, petrified, but he knew better than to question the judgement of his supreme overlords so he kept his head down and drank himself to stupor for a few days to mourn his family in silence

Today though was going to be different, he had cleaned himself up but when he looked around the mansion left behind by his family, it was a mess. So he had come out to buy some slaves since it was inconceivable for him to do such work by himself.

He takes a brisk turn into the slave street and vendors could be heard cheering on each side ‘this are the best! From the front lines! Recently captured! Well Fed!’ and other words advertising the qualities of their slaves could be heard across the entire street

Our young vampire had a particular slave merchant he usually patronised, he was the one who constantly supplied his family with slaves. After a few steps down the busy street, he took a right turn at one of the big shops, on the top it read ‘The Meister’, he smiled and walked in

‘Ah master Alex’ the slave seller yelled out in joy as he walked in through the door

‘Meister, good to see you again’ Alex relied spreading his hands to embrace his friend. The slave trader jumped into his arms as he was much smaller than Alex and pushed back almost immediately.

The Meister was a family friend and the slave trader they patronized, he was a small man with an egg-like shape. He was round, about 5ft tall and he was very dramatic both with his facial and bodily gestures

‘I heard what happened to your family’ the Meister said with sad eyes ‘I hope you’re alright’

‘I am, don’t worry. It was the right judgment’ Alex replied

‘It always is’ the Meister replied ‘I also heard you’ve been reassigned back home to rebuild your family name. Truly how generous are our overlords huh?’ he added almost mockingly

Alex knew the reverence the common folk had for those in power was weak, to them, back in the days when vampires lived in the crevices of human society and fed off the little humans they could find here were better than nowadays. Now there were so many protocols

‘Enough’ Alex said with a little laugh putting his hand on the Meister’s back ‘show me your best stock, I want a few slaves’

‘Of course, of course’ the Meister chanted with joy

‘But only your best’ Alex teased with a serious tone ‘they’ll become the high retainers of my clan so I can only accept those who are capable’

‘Very well, we have a few’ the Meister said, leading Alex to the back of the shop where the cages were. ‘We have those who can read and write, we have those who are good with speech, we have those who can cook and so on, the last conquest brought us a good stock’ he added

‘Oh, then I’ll take the best of the ones you have on ground. Three should do it’ Alex said ‘don’t hold back on me’ he added pulling the Meister close to him, leaning down and whispered in his ear ‘you know money isn’t a problem’

The Meister giggled and replied ‘I know, I know… actually since I heard of you know, I had a feeling you would be coming so I kept a few top slaves over the last few days’

‘I knew I could trust you’ Alex said letting go of him with a smile

‘Hehehe’ the Meister giggled ‘I even took the liberty of teaching them how our society works a little. Here they are’ he added opening a curtain at the far back of the shop

Behind the curtain, they were three slaves sitting around the table playing cards. Unlike the slaves outside in the cages, they had clean clothes on and one could only tell they were slaves because they had round large collars on.

One was an old man of about forty years, the second was a young boy of about fifteen and the third was a young girl of about twenty-three years

‘How did you know I’d want three?’ Alex asked perplexed at how the Meister was able to guess his actions so perfectly

‘Well, I just had a feeling. In this business, a feeling is everything’ The Meister replied with one of his wide smiles

‘Very well then’ Alex said stepping forward to address them ‘My name is Alex Bloodvill. I am here to buy you all, please introduce yourselves let’s get acquainted’ this was his way of evaluating them but he couldn’t care less, he needed slaves and this was really the best he had seen all-day

‘My name is Richard’ the elderly man spoke first standing up ‘I use to be a cobbler before the supreme powers reached my town’

‘My name is William’ the younger boy followed ‘I was in the final years of high school’

‘My name is Anita, I was a teacher at a high school’ the last lady spoke up

‘Very well’ Alex said with a smile. The Meister had really taught them well

‘Like what you see?’ the Meister said beside him, smiling widely

‘Here you go’ Alex said handing him a bag of gold coins

‘This is far too much’ the Meister replied unable to believe the weight of what he was holding

‘Consider it a gift’ Alex said to him ‘you have done well by me today…’

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