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“A person’s environment is the first layer of reality they must escape, it serves as the first medium…”

Alex loved his people, he loved them to bits, he couldn’t help but love them that much and as though in respect of his bravery, the heavens gifted him with the ability to express this love.

He grew… slowly… as though they were taunting him with youth. Everything had halted for him and I watched as my child, our child! grew to his empty name. He was used! He was used!! He was used!!! How dare they use him!!?

He had fought to be where he was but they wouldn’t believe that, with each step, he got weaker and weaker, but strong enough for them.

I pleaded with blood-stained tears to Hades, my hero… after running to everyone with this same tears running down my eyes, he was the only one who saw my dedication.

He wouldn’t tell me to wait, he wouldn’t tell me to hold on… he would grant my wish, he would grant it for sure and with great effect… my enemies would burn and I could watch from his side, he was my hero indeed… a fairy, dressed in flames…

A lance was crafted and thrown from his layer, it pierced the heart of my poor son who was fighting bravely on the field of battle.

He fell and was resurrected beside Hades… a greater soldier… a man living to his undeniable limit… my own worthy praise to this hero of mine.

He looked relieved, and I couldn’t help but feel calm as well, not knowing where next our fate would cross and wonder if he would forgiven me….

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Image Reference:

“Designed by macrovector / Agnessz_Arts”

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