War of the Death Knights

Many seek Valor, many seek pride and many seek that which is beyond their existence, so as the Tale of those who seek out death himself, the news of the god-King travelled everywhere all through the realm of Man, everybody heard the Tale of the king who entered the tournament of the gods and attained victory and was giving the ring of a universal goddess, only to be later punished for the death of a goddess and was imprisoned in a dimensional prison.

All those who heard his story sorted out the power he was giving but none knew how to reach him for his realm was beyond existence itself.

One day an Order of knights decided to seek out this great power to achieve their aims, for centuries and centuries the knights amass power as it has never been seen before, with the power to destroy a kingdom or an Empire with a snap of their fingers, after attaining this grandeur of power and Majesty, The knights finally decided to take their battle to the King under the Red Sun, the knights in all their power, with all your strength and all their armies had a ceremony that transfer their living existence to his realm killing their original self in the real-world.

Arriving at a new dimension the Knights found themselves even more powerful than they were, and with the power they felt, they were certain, they were sure they could win the battle against the god-King

They advanced in hoards and hoards till they set their gaze upon the castle that stood majestically under the red sun, beautiful and glamorous she was, cold and chilling her ambience was even though she represented the highest form of balance, the knights were taken by its beauty but overwhelmingly filled with dread by the stillness that covered the entire space that surrounded the castle, nothing moved, nothing existed, the only presence they could be perceived was that of the departed souls that linger upon the countless swords and blades that stood majestically around the castle, the silence was deafening and it was then they heard a slice through the air itself, they knew who it was, his attacks were fast, his movement was swift, they could feel their number decrease, he was truly unstoppable, a human beyond existence that has the power to defeat a god.

Of all the Knights that fought the god-king none of them survived, in the history of man’s existence, no death was so just, no death was so unjust, the knights were only remembered for the chaos they caused, their war and the death they attained at the hand of the true scourge of the world, the god King under the Red Sun.

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