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On a developing planet, one of their empires recently stumbled on Alchemy. Researchers crossed over and experiments began.

The name of the empire was “Tur”, it had a strong hierarchical order and those of high birth didn’t have to worry about their day to day activities and upkeep.

Every now and then, they would enter the town in groups and have fun, enjoying the graces of their wonderful kingdom. The people would welcome them with open arms and the city they visit would flourish for the night. It truly was a beautiful sight…

A young group of friends got dressed eagerly one night and went into town to celebrate one of their friends birthdays, she was turning eighteen.

The girls wore frilly knee-length skirts with shirts and blouses whereas the boys wore their shirts and trousers. They got into three different wagons and proceeded.

The town cheered loudly as they came in, clapping their hands in unison with fans cheering out the names of some of the nobles.

They leaned out of the window and waved at the crowd as they slowly passed by…

They had already announced their coming so the bars, restaurants and lounges had already been notified and had each prepared their best and decorated their buildings.

The wagons moved slowly across the town as the nobles took their time to pick where to start, the birthday girl was indecisive…

She eventually picked a bar and they gladly agreed, the building was the most decorated and the guards were beast-men, beings who had chosen to merge their genes with animals and made themselves the peak of manual labour.

The nobles were pleased with their friends choice, truly pleased. As the party began and drinks were gulped and music raised the roof, they began.

The doors were closed tight as they gulped down bottle after bottle in extreme delight, a night to remember. The bartender offered them a special concoction to try, he had recently bought it at an auction for their arrival and was saving it for them.

They were very interested but since it was her special day, they gave her to have the first drink. She was already slightly drunk so she moved sluggishly and took the bottle. She felt the bottle was cold ad she was thirsty so she quickly opened the bottle and took a deep gulp.

A man dressed the same as the bartender came with some napkins and when he saw his fellow bartender he asked in a heightened voice ‘Who are you!!!?’

The nobles immediately panicked and tried to stop her from drinking the potion but it was too late. The contents slid down her throat slowly and her heartbeat seized.

The bartender was a rebel, he claimed to have no aim, he simply wanted to know what it felt like, he said.

He was publicly executed as an example but the damage was done and the town mourned the loss of one of their own.

After her burial, two men sneaked a body bag across the tight borders of ‘Tur’

When they were far from all the observers, they opened the body bag and she was there, stilled in time.

The men brought a bottle and poured the contents into her mouth. They then sat and waited for an hour for her to wake up.

When she finally did, she opened her eyes slowly but she couldn’t see properly nor cold she feel her body. The men heard her grunt and turned to see her awake, they then checked her body to make sure everything was intact. With a weak voice, she asked “what are you going to do to me?”

They ignored her and pulled out one more bottle and poured it into her mouth again.

She screamed as they all mixed together forming something else, a deep burn ravaged her chest as she felt her mind explode and sight completely fade. She opened her eyes again to a school of whales swimming among the stars. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she looked down at her hands, they were huge and her planet was in between them.

She looked up, confused and saw a flock of ships coming her way. They started firing at her and the planet, she was scared at first but their ammo didn’t hurt. They noticed this and changed their settings from sting to kill. They fired again at the massive blue female figure that stood between them and their goal and was finally able to land a scratch.

The girl felt the pain as a shock and immediately swatted them like mosquitoes.

She gasped as she watched their ship get thrown into oblivion, a man then appeared before her, he was one of the two cloaked men.

He explained that their planet was under attack and they needed a goddess’s vessel. She happily told him she didn’t mind but he chuckled and told her, he wasn’t done yet.

He said she wouldn’t be able to return to her human form for a while and the sudden reality hit her hard, she was seeing a world beyond her and was about to break but the whales that swam around calmed her and she smiled again and said “she didn’t mind…”

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