What’s Yours is Mine

In planet ‘Dawry’, a serene place, home to an elusive universal goddess. There were laws she held in place and punished those who crossed over the boundary, personally. But, wars and conquest were still allowed.’

In a battle against two tribes, the company of the peddler won. They killed and buried everyone in the village but a shaman survived. He had been engrossed in his research of soul magic because of his cowardice towards death.

His research had failed to bear fruit until this moment. His soul having met all requirements, was sent back and he was revived.

He dug himself out of the pits and sat breathing heavily. He had made it but… no one was left. Consumed by rage and the spirits of vengeance he followed the trail of his attackers back to their town.

There, he blended in with the town, got a job as a shopkeeper and waited for the perfect chance. He knew that he couldn’t kill the whole town as they did his own so he settled for the head of the man who killed his family and co-workers.

It took months but he finally found him. He then studied and to his loss, the attacker was far stronger and a more experienced shaman than him.

After trailing him for weeks, his hatred turned into jealousy. How could one man possess such talent?

Lost to lust, he decided to create a spell that would allow him to take whatever the other man possessed.

When the spell was completed, he went out one night and followed his foe.

In the middle of a crowded street he got close and used a knife to stab him from his back through to his heart and he started to chant

‘If I may be your muse

Then you must also be mine

If your greed is great

Then mine is endless

Give me that which is yours’

The street went silent as everything came to a sudden stop.

‘Hello’ a man standing beside him said. He tried to turn his head but couldn’t, the man ignored this and kept on talking.

‘What you’re trying to do here is unprecedented so I’m here to take a record of it’ the man then wrote down a few things and bided him farewell.

The street began to move again and the knife passed through his heart. With it came an absurd amount of information, it flowed into his head in an instant and he passed out. When he woke up, he was in a cell. In key chain prison

A few hours passed before an executioner came to see him for interrogation.

‘What you did went against the laws set by your goddess’ the executioner said. He told him how vile what he had done was and the cost he would have to bear for all of eternity. The now wise shaman listened in silence, with his thoughts focused on escaping.

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