Cover Art for White Rat

White Rat

Tough! He thought he was…

But I didn’t scare

As he stood there boldly

With his cutlass in the air

A lot of my brethren, had been put to rest

With that same glistening edge

Reflecting the moon

He took a step forward

But I didn’t care

With no energy in the world

I just stood there and stared

He takes a step back

I see him drop a sweat

What a weak mind… I thought to myself

Courage they call it

Bravery and honour they desire

Little do they know

About the price they’ll pay

But alas, I’m just a corny side character

Here, to instill a little fear

I said I’d do it

And I did it

So there…

At least, now I can welcome them with a tale of my hair

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