Zoujhi The Custodian

Zoujhi lex per fidem, Zoujhi law through faith

The custodian of the entanglement
A gathering of primordials, A word of a soul
The soul of a world
A martyr that seeks death Only with cause
In an action shrouded In a two-faced wish

I will call you beast, I will call you traitor
A pledge to my blood, A pledge to my oath
A Spirit Kings liege, An oath to Our Lord
An oath to Our king,

And he who has betrayed his king
A Death to his line, A Death to his blood
To lose a turn, To a bout of kings and primordials

What is this coldness I feel befalling me
Zouji is the custodian of the entanglement
Cold and unbiased His blade can slice
Even the darkest of truths

He Walks a path meant For him alone
Reincarnates only in Times of disruption
within the entanglement And now he has found

The best vessel, If Kalnazar was filled with rage
And Argyle was filled with the burden
Then she was cold as ice And free as a bird
With nothing to offer her feats
If not courage and Valor

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